Zong Weekly Internet Package at 100 Rupees

There are four different packages that we may choose from in order to create our own Zong Weekly Internet Package for 100 Rupees. You can get the code, the pricing, and other information on these Rs. 100 buckets here. Zong Weekly Internet Package at 100 Rupees.

Zong Weekly Internet Package at 100 Rupees

By activating any plan from this list (Mega Data, Weekly Video, Stay At Home, and Lahore Super), you will get a certain amount of megabytes (MBs) of 3G/4G data for the price of one hundred rupees.

The search term “Zong 7-day data bundle” is now popular because many people are interested in acquiring internet service for an initial cost of merely one hundred dollars. Everyone on Zong 2G/3G and 4G SIM cards are doing their best to obtain an internet plan for this low of a price since it is so affordably priced.

Zong Weekly Internet Package Rs 100

List of 4 packages having 100 rupees subscription fee:

  • Mega Data Rs 100 Offer
  • Weekly Video Rs 100 Offer
  • Stay At Home Rs 100 Package
  • Zong Lahore Super Rupees 100

Mega Data Rs 100 Offer

Zong Weekly Internet Package in 100 – Get 100,000 MBs (100 GB) in 100 rupees mega data package. *808# is the subscription code of this Zong Weekly Internet Package.

  • Offer Name: Mega Data
  • Data: 100GB
  • Price: Rs 100
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • SUB-Code: *808#

Weekly Video Rs 100 Offer

2nd package is a Zong weekly video package for YouTube and TikTok lovers. Dial *570# and activate the 100 rupees bucket with 8GB of internet. Remember you must have to recharge 150 rupees to activate the following bucket.

  • Offer Name: Weekly Video
  • Data: 8GB
  • Price: Rs 100
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • SUB-Code: *570#

Stay At Home Rs 100 Package

Here we get 10,000 MBs (10GB) + 1000 Zong Minutes from 6AM to 6PM in 100 rupees. The required load of this offer is Rs 110.

  • Offer Name: Stay At Home
  • Data: 10GB
  • Zong Minutes: 1000
  • Price: Rs 100
  • Required Load: Rs 110
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • SUB-Code: *3434#

Zong Lahore Super Rupees 100 Zong Weekly Internet Package at 100 Rupees

2nd last bucket is the Zong Lahore Super package that comes with 3GB (3000 MBs) data, 1000 Zong Minutes, 1000 SMS, and 40 Minutes for all other networks including Jazz, Ufone, Warid, and Telenor.

  • Offer Name:  Lahore
  • SuperData: 3GB
  • SMS:  1000
  • Zong Minutes:  1000
  • Other Minutes:  40
  • Price:    Rs 100
  • Required Load:   Rs 105
  • Validity:  7 Days
  • SUB-Code:  *4466#

Zong Offer in Rs 100

Buckets of 100 rupees are quite prevalent in Pakistan and many individuals like subscribing to various bundles of this kind. The most important factor is the low cost of such buckets, which start at only one hundred rupees and include MBs, SMS, and minutes that can be used both on and off the network.

Terms & Conditions

Keep in mind that the starting price, which is set at 100 rupees and is the same for all four of these packages, but you will need a few more rupees in your account before you can purchase them. Therefore, load more than 100, and you’ll be able to take advantage of all of these Zong prepaid SIM card bundles.

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