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Zong Value Monthly Voice Offer

Only the Zong Low-Value Monthly Voice Offer, which offers 3000 Minutes for 110 Rupees, will be covered in this article. Let’s begin our post without waiting for the magic phrases.

Zong Value Monthly Voice Offer

Users of Zong are unable to search this bucket on Google. We’ve discovered that customers frequently search for terms like “Low-Value Monthly Voice,” “Value Monthly Voice Offer,” “Zong *36# Offer,” and “voice offer in 110,” among many others.

Because of this, we have chosen to include the original name of the 30-day call bundle here along with the associated keywords of this deal. See the complete details down below.

Zong *36# Offer Info

This table includes all the information for the 30-day (*36#) call bundle. Here, the official load, needed balance, and subscription code is also mentioned:

Offer Name Monthly Voice Offer
Zong Minutes 3000
Daily Minutes 100
Price Rs 110
Recharge Required Rs 120
SUB-Code *36#

The summary above makes it clear that the Zong Value Monthly Voice Offer includes 100 minutes per day till it expires. Additionally, because the Zong Low-Value 30day Voice Offer is valid for 30 days, the total number of minutes is 100 x 30 = 3000. Having the most minutes possible at a cheap cost of 110 rupees is therefore not a big loss.


Low-Value Voice Price

The Zong Low-Value Monthly Voice Offer costs 110 rupees in total. However, as GST, FED, and AIT are applicable, Rs 110 will be deducted from the user’s account when they dial *36# to activate the low-Value Voice Offer.

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Call Setup Charges Apply

Keep in mind that each call will incur “call setup charges” of Rs. 0.15 when purchasing this 30-day call plan. To continue using this call service, the user needs to have a few rupees in their account.

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