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Zong Value Monthly Social Plus Offer Rs 60

You may activate the Zong Value Monthly Social Plus Offer by dialing *4455#. For this offer, you will pay Rs 60 and get 3 GB of social data as well as 300 On-Net minutes for one month on a 3G/4G SIM. This bundle is only activated on prepaid SIM cards and is only offered to certain Zong customers.Zong Value Monthly Social Plus Offer Rs 60.Prepaid SIM cards are required for activation.

Do you want to get social MBs while using Zong 4G? If yes! Next, we are going to talk about such a large bucket that comes with “plus” data (which stands for additional megabytes) for all Zong SIM subscribers.

Therefore, ensure that your safety belts are fastened and study this post to get all information on the popular Zong Value Monthly Social Plus Bucket. In addition, at the very bottom of this post, you will find a description of the check codes and the unsubscribe codes associated with this offer.

Zong’s Monthly Value Added Social Plus

The original “social bucket introduced by Zong” in the previous year has been given a second (updated) addition in the form of the Plus bucket. That bucket is also fantastic, but here the price has remained the same despite the fact that Zong 4G has quadrupled the incentives for customers who utilize their plus social bundle.

To activate the magical (social bucket) feature on your number, all you need is a prepaid SIM card and to fill it with sixty rupees. In addition, the package enables Zong users to make calls amongst themselves, which is referred to as ZONG to ZONG calling.

*4455# Code

The whole information on the Zong Value Monthly Social Plus Offer 2022 may be found here. Please have a look at this table, which contains important information on this prepaid bucket, and read it carefully:

Offer Name: Value Monthly
Social Plus
Data: 3GB
MBs Type: Social
Apps Access: YouTube
Zong Minutes: 300
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 60
Recharge Required: Rs 70
SUB-Code: *4455#

Only Available Through Limited Registration

It is important to keep in mind that the “Zong Value Monthly Social Plus Offer” will only activate on certain prepaid user numbers. Quite often, we get SMS messages from the firm (network) that tell us to phone the *4455# number in order to activate this bucket.

These phone numbers are qualified to activate the monthly plan that is being offered. However, consumers who have never received an SMS offer for this bucket may check to see whether they are eligible to activate it by dialing the subscription code. This number can be found here.

MBs for Social Apps

Only 3000 MBs of data may be used every session on YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp if you are using this bucket. This 3GB is accessible to SIM cards that operate on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Therefore, via the use of the Value Monthly Social Plus package, you may continue to remain connected for a whole month through social media.

300 calls made using the network

You now have the option of purchasing 300 minutes for any Pakistan Zong number. As a result, it is also able to make on-network calls after subscribing to the social plus bucket for 30 days. However, “call setup costs” will be deducted from each call you initiate on any Zong number while using these calls.

Rs 70 Required

The cost of this bundle is Rs 60, however, this amount does not take into account any applicable taxes (FED, GST, or AIT). Due to the fact that all of these taxes are applicable, the price of the Value 30 days Social Plus bucket is now Rs 70.

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