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Zong Super Weekly Plus 2022

With the Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer, you may get 7GB of data plus 1GB of data for WhatsApp, for a total of 8GB of data. Using the code *20#, you will be able to activate the deal for 8000 MB. Zong Super Weekly Plus 2022.

The name of the Zong Super Weekly Plus bundle already gives away the fact that it is a 7-day internet plan that includes 8000 MBs of weekly data (7000 MBs of data plus 1000 MBs of WhatsApp data).

Users of Zong’s Internet service who are interested in subscribing to a 7-day internet bundle that offers the most possible rewards should get ready for this offer. Because Zong has introduced a new internet bundle called Super Weekly Plus, which comes with 8 GB of weekly bandwidth.

Super Weekly Plus 2022 Edition of Zong.

With the Super Weekly Plus deal from Zong, you may get 8 GB of data to use over the course of a week. The answer is yes; Plus+ Packages consistently introduce something novel to the market. This time around, the network has determined what it considers to be the greatest weekly data bundle. For just Rs 260, members of the package will get 7000 MBs of data plus 1000 MBs for WhatsApp, for a total of 8 GB of data for each day of the week.

You may subscribe to a weekly internet bundle by dialing *20#. This package has a certain length of validity, and the network will deduct a predetermined amount, 260 rupees, from the subscriber’s balance account. This bucket may be purchased across Pakistan, even in the territories administered by the federal government.

7 GB of data on top of 1 GB for WhatsApp (8GB)

Simply calling *20# from your Zong SIM will allow you to subscribe to this 8GB data bundle that will last for 7 days for a cost of PKR 260 b. You may also check the remaining MBs of this plan by calling *102#, or you can download the “My Zong App” to check the remaining SMS, MBs, and Minutes at no cost. Both of these options are available to you.


Offer Name: Zong Super
Weekly Plus
Data: 8GB
Validity: 7 Days
Price: PKR 260
SUB-Code: *20#
UNSUB-Code: *20*2#
Check Code: *102#

Data MBs Type

It may come as a surprise to learn that these 7 GB plus 1 GB (8 GB) are compatible with SIM cards of any kind, including 2G, 3G, and 4G versions. Yes! On any device that utilizes data, you will have access to 7000 MB of internet and 1000 MB of WhatsApp for a full week without interruption. The use of specialized equipment by MB is not subject to any limitations. You may utilize MBs on the more traditional 2G/3G mode, as well as the more recent 4G mode.

Experience Super Speed

If you are considering purchasing this bundle, then I can say with absolute certainty that “you are going to e delight in the extraordinary speed.” The reason for this is due to the fact that Zong now offers the quickest 4G speed available everywhere in Pakistan. You don’t believe it? You just need to try it once to realize how quickly it works.

1 GB WhatsApp Extra Space Available

The internet that comes with this package is essentially split into two sections, each of which gives the customer 7 GB of data for either 3G or 4G service. On the other side, customers will also get one gigabyte worth of WhatsApp storage space. As a result, the total amount of data included in this “extra deal” is 8000 MB.

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