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Zong Super Advance loan Code 2022 – Double Advance

Simply calling the *911# Zong Super Advance loan Code will get you the Rs. 30 double loan that is the second advance loan. Send an empty SMS to number 6911 to apply for a second loan by text message. As a result, Zong prepaid will provide you Rs 30 for your first advance balance and Rs 30 for your second advance loan when you use the new service. Zong Super Advance loan Code 2022 – Double Advance.

Zong Super Advance loan Code 2022

By calling the *911# number on their Zong device, users are able to get a total advance (loan) of 60 rupees. In the event that you find yourself in a bind, this code might provide you with a loan of Rs 30 plus Rs 30 for a total of Rs 60.

The Pakistani telecom network has launched a new service that enables customers to lawfully advance their balances twice. Because of this, a relatively new service has been introduced to the network in order to assist prepaid customers in maintaining connections with the people they care about in the event of an emergency.

A loan from Zong Super Advance

If we think about the state of Pakistan’s telecom business from five years ago, we can see that it was in a bad place. Then we have no choice but to agree that all forms of telecommunication were restricted, and the services they provided were not very outstanding.

But things have changed, and the authorities in charge of telecommunications have also made some really amazing improvements to their networks. Yes! You now have the ability to get a balance (loan) twice in Zong. As a result, this service is known as Zong Super Advance loan, and below you will find a description of it together with specifics about the applicable tax code.

Code for a Second Advance Loan

In the event of an emergency, dial *911#, and you will be given the advance once again (twice). As a result, you will be able to get the most (of minutes and SMS) out of this loan so that you may stay in touch with your pals. The steps that need to be taken are as follows. In a similar vein, what are the fees (extra costs) associated with using this service?

Service Name:2nd Advance

Loan: Rs 30

1st Loan Tax: Rs.3.5+tax

Both Loan Tax: Rs 6+tax

Loan via Code:*911#

Loan via SMS: Send a blank SMS to 6911

Who Can Get a second loan

It is a fairly amazing question, and the response is just a few sentences long. Zong Super Advance is open to everyone who has recharged their phone for a total of 660 rupees over the last three months (2nd loan). Using the code and SMS technique, it is also feasible to submit an application for a double loan.

How Many Loans Am I Eligible For?

Because there are a few bad apples who don’t pay their bills and instead take out loans. The terms of the double loan service have been expanded to include the additional period. If you have recharged your Zong prepaid SIM with a total of Rs 660 in the preceding three months, then you are eligible to get “Advance Balance” twice, or “double.” Therefore, make use of this service twice.

What is the Total Amount That I Need to Pay

In light of this, the terms and conditions will deposit fifty rupees into your account in the event that you take out a single advance. On the other hand, those who obtained a double loan are required to make a recharge payment of Rs. 90 due to the fact that an advance deduction, which includes GST, AID, and FED, would be applied.

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