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Zong PUBG Package 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

With the most recent Zong PUBG Package for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly usage, you can play PUBG on a Zong SIM. Each PUBG deal is reasonably priced and includes 4G/LTE data for a lightning-fast gaming experience in Pakistan. Zong PUBG Package 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Here is a detailed description of these buckets: 

Get ready for a surprise gift if you have a Zong SIM and you enjoy playing games and playing PUBG since Zong has recently released its newest internet bundle. According to their validity, all of these packages operate on a basis of 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days.

On 3G, 4G, and LTE-compatible smartphones only, regular data users can also sign up for these internet bundles at discounted rates in addition to PUBG gamers.

Zong PUBG Package

Two daily PUBG offers, two weekly PUBG packages, and one monthly PUBG bucket have all been covered in this article. Choose the bucket that best suits your preferences, and then use Pakistan’s first 4G network, Zong, to play PUBG.

All of these internet plans were created with PUBG using a Zong SIM specifically in mind. To access the internet or download and install files on your mobile device, you can also use these MBs. After subscribing, these MBs continue to function for 1 day, 7 days, and monthly day and night.

2. PUBG 5GB For 1 Day

Send a brand-new mail with the subject “gno” to service code 6464. You will be charged PKR 23 and given 2,500 MBs to play PUBG for one day (day and night). Enjoy this game for 24 hours while using 4G internet for 23 rupees.


Offer Name Zong PUBG
MBs 2,500
Validity 1 Day
Price PKR 23
Recharge Required PKR 25
Type 3G/4G
SUB Send “gno”
to 6464
Check-Code *102#

This daily 4G bundle, which costs PKR 25 and includes 2.5GB of data, is pretty competitive. Because of this, a poll found that all internet users choose to use a Zong SIM to take advantage of the most economical packages and the quickest 4G speed.

PUBG Daily 1GB Offer

For just Rs 49/-, you can receive 1GB of internet data for a day (24 hours), including 500 MBs for PUBG and 500 MBs for YouTube, by dialing *5#. In Pakistan, it is the best internet bucket to play PUBG for a full day.

Offer Name Daily PUBG
Data 1 GB
Validity 1 Day
Price Rs 49
SUB-Code *5#

PUBG Weekly 25GB Offer

To activate the Zong Weekly PUBG Offer and receive 25GB (25,000 MBs) for 7 days, dial *220#. This bucket is available for a set price of Rs 340 only.

Offer Name Weekly PUBG
Data 25 GB
Validity 7 Days
Price Rs 340
SUB-Code *220#

PUBG Weekly 100 GB

The following bucket is also a weekly deal, however, this time the 100GB of data is available seven days a week from 1 AM to 9 AM each day. To receive 100GB for 103 Rupees, dial *808#.

Offer Name Weekly PUBG
Data 100 GB
Validity 7 Days
Timing 1 AM to 9 AM
Price Rs 103
SUB-Code *808#

PUBG Zong Monthly Offer

For only Rs 575, you may get 20GB (20,000 MBs) for 30 days, which includes 10GB (10,000 MBs) to use from 1 AM to 9 AM. Today, activate this offer by dialing *3#.

Offer Name Monthly PUBG
Data 20 GB
Validity 30 Days
10GB Timing 1 AM to 9 AM
Price Rs 575
SUB-Code *3#

Enjoy PUBG on Zong 4G

The video game PUBG has had a fantastic launch all around the world. It is now the game with the highest annual usage. There aren’t many players in Pakistan, nevertheless, who can compete internationally. These tiny groups of players are participating in the most recent in-game missions and vying for first place.

Because of this, Zong encourages the gamers by providing the most affordable/low-cost internet packages so they can play the game in Pakistan continuously and 24 hours a day. Zong understands the significance of such outstanding international-level games.

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