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Zong Pro Package 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

In 2022, there will be 3 different Zong Pro Package variations. Set up a fixed-price Zong Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Pro plan with the best incentives. The list has recently been expanded to include a daily (1-day) validity bucket. Zong Pro Package 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Zong Pro Package 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

In essence, Zong 4G introduced three distinct packages in 2022 with varying validates, prices, and incentives but similar names. Yes! We’re discussing ZONG PRO Packages (Daily, Weekly & Monthly).

All three of these bundles are the essential means by which subscribers to the Zong Pro bucket can obtain inexpensive Minutes (On-Net + Off-Net), SMS, and Data MBs (Plain + Social).

Zong Pro Package (Daily Bundle)

First, we have outlined the Zong Daily Pro Package here. For a single day only, this bucket includes 1500 MBs (1.5GB) of data for all 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile phones.

From 4 AM to 7 PM, 1-Day Zong Pro Package MBs are valid. To purchase this bucket for 23 rupees, dial *47#.

Offer Name Daily Pro
Data 1.5GB
MBs 1500
Type 3G/4G
Validity Daily
Timing 4 AM to 7 PM
Price Rs 23
SUB-Code *47#

Weekly Pro Bucket (Details)

The Pro bucket, which has a 7-day validity period, is the following package. You can get 40GB, Unlimited (SMS + On-Net), and 250 Other Network (Off-Net) minutes for Rs 399 by using the *794# code.

Offer Name Weekly Pro
Data 40GB
SMS Unlimited
On-Net Unlimited
Off-Net 250 Minutes
Validity 7 Days
Price Rs 399
SUB-Code *794#

Call setup fees will be applied in the 7-day pro bucket, and you’ll get more information. taxes details from here.

Monthly Pro Bucket (Detail)

The Zong 4G Monthly Pro Package comes in third place in the list of pro buckets. For a cost of 1110 rupees, the bucket’s activation string, *1500#, activates 40GB, 600 Other Network Minutes, 10,000 Zong Minutes, and 10,000 SMS for all networks during a 30-day period.

Offer Name Monthly Pro
Data 40GB
SMS 10,000
On-Net 10,000
Off-Net 600 Minutes
Validity 30 Days
Price Rs 1110
SUB-Code *1500#

Note that after 30 days of subscription, this bucket expires at 12 PM (night). get additional info about it from here.

How to Check Pro Offer

These three packages are now connected by a single root (the pro bucket), making it simple to check the incentives of any product using the ZONG App. Yes! Check “how many MBs and SMS are remaining” on your SIM card after downloading it from the Play Store.

Zong Budget Buckets

These three ZONG 4G bundles are reasonably priced. This offers customers the freedom to connect with the rest of the world for a constrained membership fee (load/recharge) and comes with pro (maximum) incentives.

My Verdict

Many PUBG gamers use ZONG to play Player Unknown Battle Field on their mobile devices on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Therefore, these buckets allow members to connect locally across the entire nation using its other incentives (SMS, Minutes) as well as play games.

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