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Zong Monthly Call Package 50 Rupees Code

Zong’s Monthly Call Package 50 Rupees Code gives you 100 Zong minutes each day for a month’s worth of service. Zong Mahana Voice Offer may be activated at a cost of 50 Rupees by dialing *36#. However, the policy states that the customer is only allotted 100 minutes each day despite the fact that the total number of minutes included in this Mahana bundle is 3000. Zong Monthly Call Package 50 Rupees Code.

When compared to the past, connecting a Zong number to another Zong number is both simple and inexpensive now. The Zong Mahana Voice Offer now waives all call setup fees and provides free monthly on-network minutes to customers. As a result, you have the ability to contact any Zong number every day for more than 1 hour and 40 minutes.

People frequently conduct searches using a single term, such as “Zong Monthly Call Package 50 Rupees Code” or “Zong Mahana Voice Offer,” along with the code and price. On this website, we have offered this package in its entirety, including all of the details, incentives, and a code.

Zong’s Monthly Call Package is just 50 Rupees per month.

This bundle essentially consists of a monthly call plan that costs 50 rupees; however, consumers need to make a recharge of 88 rupees in order to completely subscribe to this bundle. The primary reason is because of the many taxes and charges that are associated with this package. Users who purchase this bundle will get 3000 Zong Minutes (100 Minutes Daily) for a total cost of 50 Rupees (88 Rupees load).

Zong Monthly Call Package 50 Rupees:

Zong Minutes: 3000
Daily Minutes: 100
Call Setup: Free
Validity: Monthly
Price: PKR 50
Recharge Req: PKR 88
SUB-Code: *36#

A Voice Offer from Zong Mahana

It has already been established that the original name of this package was the “Mahana Voice Offer,” which can be seen above. By taking advantage of this deal, you won’t have to pay the Zong authorities nearly as much balance in order to maintain your connection to other Zong numbers. Following this link will take you to information on the “Zong Late Night Offer.”

No Call Required, Free Setup

With this package, you won’t have to worry about paying any call setup fees. Therefore, if you contact a Zong number, the call will immediately connect regardless of whether or not there is credit available on your SIM card. Simply activate the “Mahana Voice Offer” once, and you will be able to enjoy limitless Zong calls for the whole of the next month.

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