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Zong Mahana Voice Offer *36#

Simply dial *36# to activate the Zong Mahana Voice Offer and you will get 100 free minutes every day for the next 30 days, even if you make an outgoing call. It is a monthly call plan for Zong On-Network calls (Zong to Zong) that is prepaid. Zong Mahana Voice Offer *36#

With the *36# offer from Zong, .getting a call bundle for on-network minutes is now simpler than before. Yes! This deal gets you 100 more minutes each and every day, and it is good for a whole month. Therefore, you will get 3000 Minutes for the Zong number for the duration of one month.

People also refer to this bundle as the “Zong *36# offer” and the “Unlimited Monthly Zong Calls” offer; however, the official term for this bucket is “Mahana Voice Offer,” and Zong has given it that name. First, let’s look at the contents of the deal, including the subscribe, check, and unsubscribe codes.

A Voice Offer from Zong Mahana

You may acquire a whole month’s worth of 3000 Zong Minutes (100 Minutes Daily) for a total cost of Rs 110. The “Call Setup” cost is not deducted from the remaining amount when you purchase this plan. Because of this, you should make hundreds of calls every day and take use of this monthly On-Net Calling bucket.

Zong Mahana Voice Offer Punjab is an excellent option for consumers who make several calls to Zong numbers during the course of a typical day. As a result, the Zong Monthly Call Package that you have purchased is ideal for the year 2022.


Zong *36# Offer Details:

Offer Name: Mahana Voice
Zong Minutes: 100 (Daily)
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 110
SUB-Code: *36#
Check Code: *102*1#
UNSUB-Code: Auto-Expire

Total 3000 On-Net Minutes

The Mahana Voice Zong Offer, in its most basic form, comes with 3000 minutes. You won’t be able to utilize all 3000 minutes in a single day. Every day, Zong will add an additional 100 minutes to your total amount of minutes (daily). The remaining minutes from this restriction will be lost at midnight, 12 AM, regardless of how many of these minutes you use up within the first 100 minutes.

After the daily allotment of 100 minutes has been used up at midnight, your prepaid phone number will automatically be credited with another 100 minutes to use the following day. This process will continue so long as the bundle continues to be valid for the full 30 days (monthly) Mahana on your number.

How to Check whether You Are Eligible for the Zong Mahana Voice Offer?

Zong has always made it simple to check the remaining minutes on your account, and the code to do so is 1 (fixed), regardless of the plan you have purchased or whether you are inquiring about free minutes. Follow these procedures in order to see how many minutes are left in your Zong monthly call package.

  • Simply dial *102# on your Zong prepaid SIM card.
    Now, please respond with 1 (check remaining Minutes)
    All information about On-Net and Off-Net minutes spent will be shown.

You also have the option of receiving an SMS from the network, in which the whole information on “total minutes, remaining minutes, and the minute’s validity” will be provided.

How Can I Turn Off the Zong Mahana Voice Offer?

In the terms and conditions of the Zong Monthly Call Package (100 Minutes Daily) *36# Offer, it is expressly stated that this is the case. You are only able to activate this offer; however, it is not possible to deactivate or unsubscribe from this offer in any way. On the other hand, you have the option of waiting thirty days (monthly) until the bundle is automatically discarded on the day of expiration arrives.

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