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Zong Karachi Offers Daily, Weekly, Monthly

On this page, you will find Zong Karachi Offers, which include daily, weekly, and monthly (MBs + Voice) bundles. Each offer comes with its own unique Code and Price. Do you call SINDH your home? If this is the case, then you must call the largest city in Pakistan your home. Yes! If you happen to call Karachi home, then brace yourself for this very page has a collection of unique buckets that were created only for you. Zong Karachi Offers Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Getting online in Karachi is simple thanks to Zong 4G, but the city’s new LBC network makes it more difficult (location-based offers). In a nutshell, the network has released more than six buckets just for the city of Karachi. All of these buckets, along with the most essential information about them, are presented below in the fewest possible words.

Let’s take a look at the Zong Daily, Weekly, and Monthly buckets, but we’ll just be looking at those for Karachi city. All of these buckets include calling minutes for both on- and off-network lines, as well as SMS and internet data in 3G/4G formats and MBs.

Zong Karachi Offers (Code & Price)

The price of these packages starts at 13 rupees and goes higher with the number of perks that are included in them. The validity, on the other hand, is fixed and may be broken down into three typical forms (daily, weekly & monthly).

First, you will be provided with information on the three different Karachi package forms. After that, you will notice those packages that have a random validity, and they are called hybrid buckets.

Zong Karachi Offers (Daily)

According to the terms of this plan, you will be able to make an unlimited number of calls to Zong numbers and utilize 125 MBs of data over the course of 24 hours. The price of the bundle is thirteen rupees, and subscriptions to this bucket can only be purchased in the city of Karachi. In order to activate your phone, call *544#; however, the network has also introduced an SMS method for its subscription service. Send the text ‘KHI7’ to 522 to activate this daily bundle using your phone’s text messaging service.

Weekly Karachi Bucket

The next package is for the same location but the incentives and price is of course changed. Send “KHI6” to 522 and avail Zong to Zong (unlimited minutes)   with 1000 SMS for all networks for Rs 76.

Monthly Karachi Package

Here is a 30 days Karachi (SMS + Voice) bucket with infinite on-network minutes and 1000 SMS. Like other packages, you can only subscribe to this LBC bucket via sending “KHI” to 522 for 238 rupees only.

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