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Zong introduces a Monthly Supreme Offer of Rs 950

Get Zong’s Monthly Supreme Offer, which includes 20 GB of data, 5,000 Zong minutes, 350 other minutes, and 5,000 SMS, by dialing the *3030# access number. The price, which includes taxes, is Rs 950. This 2022 (all-rounder) bucket is exclusive to prepaid customers and may only be purchased by such users. Zong introduces a Monthly Supreme Offer of Rs 950.

Zong introduces a Monthly Supreme Offer

Complete subscription details Check out the information and the unsubscribe method that are discussed in this post about the Zong Monthly Supreme Offer. Therefore, any and all users who really want to activate the Monthly All-Rounder Zong bucket should remain connected and read the whole article to get all of the information that they need on the Supreme package.
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Zong introduces a Monthly Supreme Offer of Rs 950

Zong and every other network (telecom) demonstrate that a certain package deducts one rupee less than any customized amount. This is the case regardless of the amount that the user customizes. However, keep in mind that the subscription costs will always be deducted from any package in the form of a round sum.

Offer for Zong’s Monthly Supreme Tier

The price, after using the round figure method, turns out to be 950, and this number is taken into consideration when calculating the real membership charge for the Zong Monthly Supreme Offer. It should come as no surprise that the monthly offer will continue to be valid for the full 30 days even if the month comprises less than 30 days.

Details on pricing, discounts, and promotional codes may be found here:

MBs: 20GB
SMS: 5000
On-Net: 5000
Off-Net: 350
Price: Rs 950
Code: *3030#

20,000 MBs (3G/4G)

A customer that subscribes to Monthly Supreme will get 20 GB of data, which is equivalent to roughly 20,000 MB. As a result, using social media, downloading, uploading, streaming, and gaming have all become less difficult and more affordable thanks to the Zong Monthly Supreme plan.

5000 (SMS & On-Net)

In addition, a large number of customers are constantly looking for prepaid (hybrid) plans that provide the largest possible amount of text messages and On-Network (Zong to Zong) minutes for a period of thirty days. Keep in mind that the Zong Monthly Supreme deal is a comprehensive package that provides 5000 On-Network minutes in addition to 5000 SMS messages.

350 Other Minutes

The last incentive is a fundamental opportunity that is presented to all Zong customers in the form of a monthly prepaid ultimate bucket. Yes! You will be allotted three hundred and fifty minutes to use for calls made from Zong to Jazz, Telenor, and Ufone phones.

The price is set at Rs 950.

A few of months ago, Zong 4G offered a limited-time promotion wherein customers could save up to twenty percent off the regular cost of the Zong Monthly Supreme Offer. However, the earlier discount has been removed, and going forward, the only way for you to receive the next bucket on your number will be to pay 950 rupees.

Why Should You Go Ahead and Activate it?

The matter arises now because Zong 4G has just launched a large number of hybrid packages that are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to its inventory. If this is the case, why should we activate the Supreme bucket for our regular usage?

As a result, the most compelling argument in favor of subscribing to the aforementioned hybrid plan is that the fee of Rs 950, which is applicable to the enormous amount of (MBs, SMS, and Minutes), is quite reasonable.

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