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Zong Infinity Voice Offer 120 Minutes For 180 Days

By entering the code *710# on your phone, you may subscribe to the Zong Infinity Voice Offer and get 120 Zong minutes (on-network) for 180 days (six months) for a cost of 40 rupees. Zong Infinity Voice Offer 120 Minutes For 180 Days.

This bundle was developed especially for Zong users who don’t make calls that are more than a few minutes in length. There are a significant number of customers who only place one or two calls each day, and the total length of those calls never exceeds one minute. Therefore, if you are a subscriber to Zong, be ready for a call package that includes long-distance calls at a price that is more than reasonable.

According to Zong, customers of the Infinity Voice Offer would have the ability to make calls on Zong to Zong numbers within the first 120 minutes of their subscription. These minutes will continue to work on the subscriber’s number until the time they run out. Because six months are equivalent to 180 days, the validity period has been retained at its greatest possible length.

Offer for Zong Infinity Voice Service

This 6-month call bundle from Zong only includes on-network minutes, so you may use them to communicate with other users of the same network. Although 120 minutes seems like a very tiny amount of time, when we look at the price of the bundle, which is 40 rupees, we have to admit that it is a long-duration bundle that allows us to make quick calls in the event of an emergency.

Call package price & validity details:

Offer Name: Infinity Voice
Zong Minutes: 120
Validity: 180 Days
Price: PKR 40
SUB-Code:  *710#
Check-Code: *102*3#

One Hour For Every Seventy-Two Weeks

People may believe that these 120 minutes will be used up on their very first day of membership since they believe that the total duration of these minutes, 120, is quite short. It is important to take note of the following fact: brief minutes will be allotted on the basis of maximum validity, which will be equivalent to either six months or one hundred eighty days. The price that has been decided upon for the bundle, on the other hand, is less than fifty rupees. We came to the conclusion after taking into consideration all of these data that this is the finest long-term calling package for Zong 4G.

Register and Verify Your Code

Simply calling the official subscription code *710# will allow you to activate the Zong Infinity Voice Offer, which will allow you to get 120 Zong to Zong Minutes for a period of 180 days (six months) for only 40 rupees.

Simply as a result of covid-19, the whole of Pakistan’s system has been migrated onto the internet. This internet system is familiar with the telecommunications networks in Pakistan, and its developers have only lately released their first applications. These official network applications provide information on all available Calls, SMS, and Data package options, as well as subscription and unsubscribe codes.

On the “My Zong” app, you can get the specifics, including codes and prices, for the Zong Infinity Voice Offer. Therefore, you should save this program to your mobile device by downloading and installing it, and then subscribe to this long-duration call bundle by using an online application.

The following are the steps required to subscribe to the Zong Infinity Voice Offer:

  • Open “My Zong App”
    Now, choose “on-call” or “voice packages” from the menu.
    You may search for “Infinity Voice Offer” by scrolling down.
    After selecting the desired plan, choose the “subscribe” option.
    Your phone bundle for the next six months will start up immediately.

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