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Zong Gujranwala Dhamal Offer | Apna Shehr Gujranwala

Every Zong customer should place the utmost importance on acquiring internet access, on-network minutes, SMS, and off-network minutes. However, it was challenging for Zong to introduce such a hybrid package for the whole of Pakistan at a cheap price that could deliver all of the benefits at once. It is the primary motivation behind why the network came out with the Zong Gujranwala Dhamal Offer in addition to other (location-based) buckets like it. Zong Gujranwala Dhamal Offer | Apna Shehr Gujranwala.

As a result, ZONG has only just introduced “Apna Shehr Offers,” according to which we may take advantage of a certain amount of SMS, minutes, and megabytes for an entire week. These bundles are constructed with consideration given to the geographical characteristics of each city. Apna Shehr Offers now include all of Pakistan’s main cities, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

You must have received an Apna Shehr Dhamal Offer in the name of your city if you reside in any city. This offer is universal. Apna4G has previously defined a variety of Dhamal Offers, such as the Rahim Yar Khan Offer and the Multan Offer; however, now we are introducing a city offer for the city of Gujranwala. Let’s discuss this offer, including its incentives and its code, shall we?

Zong Gujranwala Dhamal Offer

By dialing *4466#, you may sign up for the Zong Gujranwala Dhamal Offer, which entitles you to 5 GB of data, 1000 SMS, 1000 Zong minutes, and 30 minutes on other networks for a total cost of 120 rupees. Users of the Gujranwala Zong prepaid SIM card may take advantage of this week’s special bundle offer.

The Check code for Megabytes, Short Message Service Minutes, and Minutes in the Selected City Bundle is *102#. Having said that, the ZONG App also offers a free breakdown of exactly how many incentives are still available.

Apna Shehr Gujranwala

Do you want to make continuous use of the 3G/4G internet connection? Or are you interested in communicating with your pals through text message? When you subscribe to the Apna Shehr Offer in Gujranwala, you now have the ability to do all of these things. You also get the ability to call Zong numbers for a total of 1000 minutes. In addition, you will be given thirty minutes of talk time that may be used to contact numbers on other networks.

  • Offer Name: Gujranwala Offer
  • MBs:5000
  • SMS:1000
  • Zong Minutes:1000
  • Other Minutes:30
  • Validity:7 Days
  • Price: Rs 120
  • SUB-Code:*4466#
  • Check Code:*102#

It is a complete source of limitless connection that comes at a very reasonable price. Because you must have seen that a subscription to any weekly hybrid deal costs more than 120 rupees, and you can’t afford it. However, Apna Shehr Bundle is the one that is providing you with this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Techniques of Activation

You may subscribe to the Zong Gujranwala Dhamal Offer or the Zong Apna Shehr Gujranwala Offer in any of two different ways. Simply dialing its subscription code, which is *4466#, is the most straightforward and straightforward technique. This is also the simplest option.

However, users who wish to activate this bucket from an online source need to click here on the “SUBSCRIBE BUTTON” and input their number into the appropriate field on the official Zong website in order to pay and subscribe online.

The bucket that is Determined by Location

If we were to refer to this bundle as a “location-based bucket,” we would be doing so quite correctly. The basis for this conclusion is due to the fact that its name is exclusive to a certain location. Additionally, it offers incentives to subscribers of Zong’s prepaid service in a certain region. As a result, these bundles are very vital for consumers in order to get the greatest number of advantages for a predetermined cost.

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