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Zong Double Number Code ,Zong Doosra Number

With the new Zong Double Number Code, you may now activate two numbers on one SIM card at the same time. Yes! Enjoy the benefits of a dual identity by activating this wonderful package. Zong Double Number Code 2022 ,Zong Doosra Number.

People sometimes need to carry more than one mobile phone simply because their numbers are different. They need extra SIM slots so that they can accommodate a variety of SIM cards. Because of this, bear in mind the current circumstances. Zong has unveiled a brand-new service that enables users to simultaneously activate two different phone lines on a single SIM card.

Zong Double Number Code 2022

This indicates that you can alter your phone numbers for both your personal and professional usage. Now, print up two business cards with your various mobile phone numbers (1 for personal use & 1 for business use).

Code for Zong’s Double Number

You may keep two active phone numbers on a single SIM card, saving you the headache of juggling several SIM cards and phones. Turn on the incredible deal, and you can finally get rid of all of those perplexing SIM cards. This offer is being made available with consideration given to the challenging circumstances that might arise when activating more than two or three numbers at the same time.

On this page, all of the information necessary to get a dual number on a single SIM card, including the cost and the necessary code, is detailed. Therefore, maintain communication with us so that we can provide step-by-step instructions.

Double Number Details

Here are the details mentioned separately in the table content. Complete info on this service is described below:

Dial 4600

How To Activate Service

Those who already have a Zong SIM may subscribe to this service with ease to activate two numbers. The “doosra number” service enables users to make calls on the same number from two distinct numbers, which is only feasible if the user only has one number (1SIM) associated with their mobile device.

Send the text “SUB” to 4600 from any Zong SIM that is operational.
Simply dial 4600 using any Zong SIM that is currently operational.
Both of the approaches described above are recognized by authorities and are effective.
A confirmation SMS will be sent to subscribers once they have subscribed.
The newly activated number of the subscriber will be sent through confirmation SMS.

This is the easy method and without any trouble or burden of keeping many cell phones in the pocket to active business numbers, private or family numbers individually. Get relaxed with this service.

How To Un-Subscribe Service

“Unsub” to 4600 to UN-subscribe.

2: Dial IVR 4600 to unsubscribe to the following bundle.

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