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Zong Dial Tune Unsub Code and details

Sending the code “UNSUB” to 2300 is required in order to disable the dial tuning function in Zong. This is one of the methods that may be used to unsubscribe from Zong Caller Tune (deactivation). This is the most effective way to turn off the Zong caller tune and dial tune service on both your prepaid and postpaid phone numbers. Zong Dial Tune Unsub Code and details.

When it comes to unsubscribing from the Zong 3G/4G caller tuning service, we have provided you with a large number of codes and procedures that are certain to work. In addition, it is also feasible to cancel the Zong Dial Tune subscription on your prepaid or postpaid Zong Sim by using the aforementioned strategies.

Dial-tune, also known as caller-tune, is a ringtone that plays on the mobile phone of the second person to contact your number, regardless of who makes the call. As a result, you are free to adjust (the verse, song, naat, or noha) to reflect who you are as an individual. They will be able to enjoy your Zong Caller Tune or Dial Tune service as long as you don’t pick up the call of the person who is calling them till your bell rings on their mobile device.

Unsubscribe Code for the Zong Caller Tune.

Sending the “deactivation code” from your Sim is the sole way to deactivate or unsubscribe from the Zong Caller Tune service. The difference between “Zong Caller Tune” and “Zong Dial Tune” is one that many people have trouble understanding. I want to make it quite apparent to you that both of these services, although having different names, are the exact same. Let’s have a look at the procedure that must be followed in order to deactivate this feature on the Zong number.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Type UNSUB
  • Send it to 2300
  • Done! Caller Tune or Dial Tune service had been deactivated

Deactivate Dial Tune via SMS

  • Type UNR
  • Send UNR to 230
  • Dial tune service will unsubscribe

Zong Dial Tune Block/Remove

  • Send DD to 2300 to “Remove default tune for a subscriber”
  • Send DEL Tune Code to 2300 to “delete an existing tune”

Zong Caller Tune Details

Through the Zong dial tune, you may now set music from Bollywood and Lollywood, as well as national and international naat, verses from the Quran, poetry, and love quotations as your caller tune. We have provided the information you need to subscribe and listen to the top songs here.

  • Activate service you need to choose between daily and monthly duration
  • For daily (1 day) tune subscribe to “Send SUB or 1 to 2300”
  • For monthly (30 days) tune subscription “Send SUB or 2 to 2300”
  • Official charges and subscription charges will apply

Price (Daily & Monthly)

Daily ChargesRs.1.78+Tax
Monthly ChargesRs.25 + Tax
Content ChargesRs 5.95 + Tax


All of the information necessary to unsubscribe from dial tune and to deactivate caller tune is presented in the previous section in a step-by-step format. Calling the hotline and asking the Zong official to deactivate this service for you is the last tip that can get you out of the sticky scenario involving the daily balance deduction. This is the last strategy that may assist you in the hard circumstance.

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