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Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes Code Zong to Zong Free Call

With Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes, making calls over the network is now simpler. A daily free voice bundle allows you to make calls even if you have no balance in your account. Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes Code Zong to Zong Free Call.

In essence, the network is made available one hundred minutes every day in order to encourage all customers to take advantage of this free offer. The network has discontinued the half offer and lowered the daily free 100 minutes to 20 minutes as a result of the high number of customers who have activated the free call daily package.

Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes Code Zong to Zong Free Call

You are able to activate this offer once per day at no cost and may also make calls to any number that is on the network. However, according to the new Zong regulation, you will only be allotted 20 free minutes every day to use their service. As a result, this is a free 20-minute package that was formerly known as the “Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes” phone call offer.

Zong gives out 100 free minutes every day.

We have already brought to your attention the fact that the free package only provides 20 minutes. Therefore, to make use of the Zong offer of 20 free minutes per day, please dial *45# at no cost to you.

Free Minutes Codes & Details:

  • Offer Name: Free Minutes
  • Minutes:20
  • Valid: Daily
  • Price: PKR 0
  • SUB-Code:*45#
  • SUB-SMS: FVO to 6464

Activation Code & SMS

Activate Zong Daily 100 Free Minutes by dialing *45# or send SMS “FVO” to 6464 for free. You will receive a confirmation SMS with full details of the on-network minutes you receive for one day.

You may activate Zong’s Daily 100 Free Minutes by calling *45# or sending a free text message to 6464 with the word “FVO.” You will get a confirmation SMS with all of the information about the on-network minutes that are allotted to you for a single day.

Zong 2 Zong Calls

Only calls made to Zong numbers may be made using the valid minutes that are provided to customers of Zong. Because of this, it is a calling bundle for use on the network that gives you an additional 20 minutes of talk time each day if you activate it.

Call Establishment Fees

This bundle was developed especially for Zong customers who don’t have enough balance to make the important calls they need to make on a daily basis. Because of this, you will not be charged a call setup fee for any calls that are less than 20 minutes long. Through the use of Zong 4G, you can continue to communicate with your loved ones.

  • The Terms and Conditions of Use
    There is no charge for the initial call setup.
    The minutes will be lost after a period of 24 hours.
    Prepaid customers are eligible to purchase this package.
    Calls will be routed to Zong numbers automatically.
    Zong is offering free voice calls with this promotion.

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