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Zong Bolt Plus Packages 2022

Purchase a brand-new Bolt Plus handset for just PKR 3,600 and take advantage of Zong Bolt Plus Packages 2022 for the greatest internet in Pakistan. Below are the details of the bundles, including price, incentive, and expiration date. Zong Bolt Plus Packages 2022.

The internet is a modern need. To make internet connections simple for all users, a number of foreign businesses have established networks and sources in Pakistan. These days, you can access data in a few minutes from a huge number of sources.

We’re going to outline the quickest and most cost-effective way to gain internet access through Zong 4G Bolt+ Packages in this post. Below are all of the details.

Zong Bolt Plus Packages

Purchase a new handset for PKR 3,600 and activate a data plan in accordance with your preferences. Enjoy inexpensive data for months. According to the stated ascending order, we have published data packages for the short and long terms here.

These are the package days (validities) by which Zong Bolt device bundles are released on the market. Let’s examine each bucket, including price and GB, separately (data).

  • Monthly Data Packages
  • 3 Months Data Packages
  • 6 Months Data Packages
  • 12 Months Data Packages

Zong 4G Bolt Plus Monthly Package

These are all data packages for 30 days with varying data volumes and varying pricing. The first bundle costs 2100 rupees and includes a 65GB data bucket. Similar to the other two buckets, the final one is 200GB for 3300 rupees and costs 160GB for 2600 rupees.

Zong 65 GB Bundle

Get 65 GB of uninterrupted monthly data at only PKR 2,100.

Bundle Name 65GB Offer
Data 65 GB
Price Rs 2100
Validity 30 Days

Zong 160 GB Bundle

Get 160 GB per month for only PKR 2,600. The table below includes details and extra data time.

Bundle Name 160GB Offer
Data 160 GB
Including 80GB
Price Rs 2600
Validity 30 Days

Zong 200 GB Bundle

Get a 200 GB monthly fast connection for just 3,300 PKR. The following includes details and further data time.

Bundle Name 200GB Offer
Data 200 GB
Including 100 GB
Price Rs 3300
Validity 30 Days

Bolt Plus 3, 6 Months Offers

The Zong 4G device’s speed internet 3 and 6-month bundles are all shown below. In order to enjoy 4G data for the longest possible validity, all users who want to purchase a data plan can select one from the following list:

3 Months Package

This bundle contains 195GB of data in total. Get 65 GB every month for the next 90 days at a fixed price of PKR 5,750. This entails receiving 195 GB of data to be used nonstop for 90 days, 24 hours a day.

Bundle Name 3 Months Offer
Data 195 GB
Every Month 65 GB
Price Rs 5750
Validity 3 Months
(90 Days)

6 Months Package

This deal offers 630 GB of data overall and more data at specific times. Utilize 105 GB each month plus more data at predetermined times for 180 days. Spend PKR 12,500 to sign up for this bundle for six months.

Bundle Name 6 Months Offer
Data 630 GB
Every Month 105 GB
Including 30GB
Price Rs 12,500
Validity 6 Months

12 Months Package

With 1260 GB of data for 12 months, this enormous bundle costs just PKR 23,000/-. Users will get access to 105 GB of data each month and will also receive extra data from 4 am to 4 pm.

Bundle Name 12 Months Offer
Data 1260 GB
Every Month 105GB
Including 30GB
Price Rs 23,000
Validity 12 Months

Zong Bolt Plus Features

This is a highly praised device that is frequently used in internet hotspots for its excellent service. Here, we’ve listed the table’s features.

Device Name Zong Bolt+
Speed 150 Mbps
Eligibility Plug & play
Connects 10 Devices
Options 4G/3G/2G
Supports 2.4GHz &
Battery 1500 mAh
Charge Rechargeable
Stand By 300 Hours
Works 6 Hour

Purchase this smartphone right away to take advantage of Ufone’s 4G internet and Pakistan’s greater connection. Here is Apna4official G’s rendering of the 4G Plus gadget.

Zong 4G Bolt+ Packages Details
Zong Bolt Plus Packages 2022

Note: Click here for more packages with INFO & FaQs.

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