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Zong azaadi offer August Offer 2022

Zong, much like all of the other networks, has begun advertising their “Zong 14 August Offer.” You may enjoy free MBs, Minutes & SMS using the newest coupons. In addition, consumers will have the ability to activate a wide variety of Zong packages at reduced rates. All Patriots are in for a fun and memorable Fourth of July celebration this year. Zong azaadi offer August Offer 2022.

Zong azaadi offer August Offer (New)

Zong has shown that celebrating Independence Day in a meaningful way is highly important to them. Because of this, they have introduced a few incentives, one of which is a free subscription, in addition to savings on other packages.

At this point, the issue that has to be asked is “which offerings are free and which has been placed on sale” this year. The response is quite straightforward to understand, and the activation of the free Internet, SMS, and Minutes may be completed quickly by reading the following explanation.

Zong 14 August Offer

You are aware that the “Zong App” is now offering free internet access to its customers. As a result, the “Zong App” grants you access to free Zong MBs.

  • Download & install “Zong App”
  • Now open it & give your number
  • You will receive a 6GB welcome bonus
  • These MBs will be divided into 200 MBs daily
  • You can claim 200 MBs every day for 30 days

Mega Data Offer (50% Off)

You are going to be astounded to learn that the “Zong Mega Data Offer” is now available at a price that is fifty percent less than before. Yes! Don’t waste any more time; the deal won’t be valid for much longer. To sign up for this promotion, please go to the website of the organization in question. This link will provide you with information regarding the “Zong Monthly Call Package 50 Rupees,” including its code.

  • Get 100 GB instead of 50 GB
  • The price of this package is still Rs 98
  • The bundle will work from 1 AM to 9 AM
  • Dial *808# to activate “Mega Data Offer”
  • The bundle is available at a 50% discount price

Azadi Free Facebook

Facebook the major source of socialization has been made free to use on Zong. Yes! Now you may view movies and photos on FB. Share your photographs, videos, and status for free. These are the steps you must have to perform:

  • Insert Zong SIM in slot 1
  • Now turn on “Mobile Data”
  • Open the “Facebook Lite” app
  • Click “Free Mode” on the header section
  • Enjoy! Unlimited free FB for free

More Free Links

The most helpful hints and passwords are provided up top. On the other hand, many of us find that this is not enough. Because of this, we have also provided you with alternative connections that may provide you with free Facebook, free Whatsapp, free Internet, and other free packages that can be a source of enjoyment for you.

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