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Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer 2022

Simply dial *4466# to take advantage of the Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer 2022, which entitles you to a weekly allowance of 5 GB of data, 300 SMS messages, 300 Zong minutes, and 40 other net minutes for the low price of Rs 90. Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer 2022.The Zong Hafizabad Offer has a subscription code that may be entered as *4466#. Because subscription and unsubscribe specifics of the Zong Hafizabad Offer have been explained by apna4g, you should be ready to obtain all the information about this bucket.

One of the most important cities in Pakistan is called Hafizabad. Because of the city’s enormous population, every network in Pakistan has made an effort to provide unique deals and subscription packages only for this one city in an effort to attract the greatest number of potential customers there.

Because of the significant role, it plays in Pakistan’s economy, the city of Hafizabad has a prominent position in the country. Because of this, Zong has included this city in its most recent location-based packages and has also introduced a plan that is designed specifically for this city (Tehsil).

Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer

Simply dial *4466# to sign up for the Zong Hafizabad Offer, which allows you to get 5 GB of data, 300 SMS messages, 300 Zong minutes, and 40 minutes on other networks for the price of only 90 rupees for a whole week. Yes! Because of these enormous advantages offered at the most affordable prices in the annals of Zong’s long and illustrious history, weekly Zong networking in Hafizabad has become a breeze.

Bundle Description

This weekly bundle needs PKR 95 to be activated on the user account, which is in accordance with the legitimate data that it provides. On the other hand, once you have subscribed to it, you will be eligible for all kinds of incentives that may be used on a SIM card. Let’s have a look at the package details:

Data: 5 GB
SMS: 300
On-Net Minutes: 300
Off-Net Minutes: 40
Validity: 7 Days
Price: Rs 90
SUB-Code: *4466#

Turn on the Offer.

There are three fundamental ways to activate the Zong Hafizabad Offer (also known as the Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer) on your Zong prepaid number at a price that is affordable:

  • By Entering the Code *4466#
    Register your interest at the organization’s main website.
    To take advantage of this deal, download the “My Zong” app.
    Incentives for Checking

There is a trick that is 100 percent valid that has been specially launched by Zong to check the remaining details (minutes, MBs, and SMS) of all activated bundles for free. There is no official check code that has been introduced on the website of the network; however, there is a trick that has been introduced. Simply utilize the “My Zong App” to get the remaining information in a condensed and organized fashion on the home page.

HafizAbad Only

The last and most crucial concept that is very necessary to keep in mind is how well it covers areas depending on their location. Yes! Only the boundaries of Hafizabad are covered by this bundle’s functionality. If you are a resident of any other city, then you are not eligible for this offer; but, if you are a resident of this city, then you may take advantage of it.

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