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Zong All Packages Unsubscribe Code How To Unsub

we are now providing the Zong All Packages Unsubscribe Code in addition to other useful tactics. Using the tactics that have been provided, you may now deactivate all of Zong’s packages and preserve your balance. Zong All Packages Unsubscribe Code How To Unsub.

Zong consumers are often ignorant of any active packages that are currently on their SIM cards. Because of this, we have detailed the steps necessary to verify and activate packages on a Zong SIM. After examining the list of currently active packages on your Zong prepaid SIM, you will be able to deactivate each of those offers individually by calling the code that corresponds to that offer’s unsubscribing feature.

We have provided the unsubscribing code for each Zong bundle along with its associated information below. First, you will need to determine which package is presently being used on your SIM card. Next, you will need to get the unsubscribing code for that package from the list that follows and then deactivate that subscription. Therefore, carrying out this step will result in the deactivation of any needless packages associated with your prepaid number, therefore relieving you of the stress associated with “excess balance deduction.”

Zong All Packages Unsubscribe

Zong 4G has officially introduced three different ways and strategies that may be used in order to cancel or unsubscribe from any SMS, Call, or an Internet plan. You may remove the presently active package on your number by using any one of these three tactics, which are available to all Zong 4G prepaid subscribers.

These are the three methods that a Zong SIM customer may use to cancel the SMS, voice, and internet package that they are presently subscribed to. On the other hand, it is essential to make it clear to the guests that all three of these scams include additional fees and taxes.

Using the package’s official deactivation code, you may cancel the subscription.
You may deactivate the bundle by dialing the number shown for the network support line.
Simply calling one number will allow you to unsubscribe from any and all packages (phone, SMS, or data).

Let’s look at each method on its own, and then we’ll figure out how to retrieve the deactivation code for some of the most well-known Telenor prepaid and postpaid packages and services.

Zong’s Complete List of Unsubscription Codes

According to our initial tip, a user may cancel the Zong prepaid (Call, SMS, and Internet) packages by calling their official unsubscribe numbers. These codes can be found on the Zong support page. On the official website of the network, these codes may be found in a different location from the information on the packages.

Offer Name: Deactivate Trick
Caller Tune Unsub Send “UNSUB” to 2300
IMO OFFER Unsub SMS “Unsub IMO” to 6464
Advance Balance (Loan) 310
Cricket Alerts Service SMS “UNSUB” to 6660
Namaz Alert (Islamic Alert) “Unsub” to 7867
News Service (Info Service) Send unsub to 7070
Call Forwarding (Call divert) ##67# Code
Gameloft Unsub SMS SMS “Stop” to 88000
SMS “Stop” to 84149
Game Space Service Send ‘unsub’ to 5455
Zong Google DUO *386#
GNO offer by Zong SMS “unsub gno” to 6464
Monthly Missed Call Alert Send Unsub to 6229
Weekly Missed Call Alert Send Unsub to 6226
Zong My Status Service (MNP) Send “UNSUB” to 6009
Doosra Number (Double Number) SMS “Unsub” to 4600
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