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Zong All in One Weekly Package 2022

When you activate the Zong All in One Weekly *707# package, you will get 4000 MBs (4GB), 5000 Zong Minutes, 5000 SMS, and 60 Off-Net Minutes for a period of 7 days without interruption in exchange for a load of Rs 220. This is a prepaid bucket for seven days that may be used everywhere in Pakistan, including the territories administered by the federal government. Zong All in One Weekly Package 2022.

Zong All in One Weekly Package 2022

In most cases, we refer to such sorts of deals as “hybrids,” since they include many different kinds of incentives. Yes! When a bucket includes SMS, Data, and Off + On Network Minutes all in one convenient package, we can confidently call it a hybrid bucket.

The telecommunications networks in Pakistan have introduced hybrid buckets, however, the prices of all of the daily, weekly, and monthly bundles are rather high. However, this is the first time that Zong has offered a magnificent and well-configured weekly hybrid bundle for such a cheap price as Rs 200. The package can be seen on Zong’s website.

The All-in-One Weekly Package from Zong.

It is correct to say that the cost of a weekly hybrid bucket will never go down. Zong has broken the “expensive hybrid buckets tradition” by introducing a low-rate bucket this time, so this won’t happen every time. This is because the network has launched a low-rate bucket.

Yes! You will get all of the rewards for quite the maximum validity with only 200 rupees. When you subscribe to this package, there is no time limit on when you may use the incentives, so it’s a great deal overall. It’s time to take advantage of this bundle membership and have a fantastic week filled with non-stop entertainment.

AIO Package Details

You may activate the Zong All in One Weekly Package by dialing the code *6464# and choosing the numbers 4, 1, and 2 in that order. To subscribe to this hybrid bucket, all you need to do is follow the technique written as *6464# > 4 > 1 > 2. First, let’s take a look at the offer’s pricing, then at the minutes, and then at the codes.


  • Offer Name:    All-in-1 Weekly
  • MBs:              4000
  • SMS:          5000
  • Zong Minutes:   5000
  • Other Minutes:   60
  • Validity:    7 Days
  • Price: Rs     220
  • SUB Code:    *707#

Activation Via SMS

The process of subscribing using a code is straightforward for a great number of customers, but it could be challenging for users who are illiterate. Simply sending an SMS to the activation number will activate this plan. Yes! You only need to text the word “Weekly150” to the official number, which is 6464, and the process will be completely finished for you. Here you may find information on the most recent seven-day bucket for Apna Shehr Rahim Yar Khan.

UNSUB & Check

By downloading and installing the “Zong App” at no cost to yourself, you will have the ability to check the remaining amount of MBs, SMS, and Minutes that come with this hybrid plan. On the other hand, after the package incentives have been used up entirely, you will be able to unsubscribe to it by dialing *6464# and then proceeding with the “unsub step method” correspondingly.

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