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Zong 12GB Free Internet *4114# Code

Prepaid customers of Zong may get 12 GB of free internet by dialing *4114#. This code will work if you purchase a new mobile phone and then enter your Zong SIM card into the new phone. Zong is double the joy of purchasing a new mobile phone for customers like you by launching this amazing promotion today.Zong 12GB Free Internet *4114# Code.

Are you intending to purchase a new mobile device, or have you just completed the purchase of a new mobile device? If so, you are qualified to get a free allowance of 12,000 megabytes on your Zong SIM. The following is what you need to do:

Simply place your SIM card into the new mobile device, then call *4114# to make use of the free 12GB (12000 MBs) of data until you have used all of the MBs within the allotted time. Below you will find a list of mobile categories together with the complete deal specifics.

Zong 12GB Free Internet

Keep in mind that the Zong 12GB Free Internet Offer is now available for the following smartphones: VIVO, OPPO, TECNO, REALME, INFINIX, and last but not least, SAMSUNG. Those customers who have already purchased a mobile device from one of these franchisees should feel congratulated. This is due to the fact that you are qualified to get 12,000 MBs of data at no cost.

This table contains information on the free offer’s subscription code, maximum storage capacity, length of validity, and other essential details. However, keep in mind that the only people who may take use of this free bucket are those who use prepaid SIM cards.

Bucket: Free MBs
Data: 12GB
Validity: Fixed
Selected Cells: VIVO
Code: *4114#

Free MBs Usage

When you buy a new cell phone and have a Zong SIM card, you do not need to subscribe to any kind of data plan since you will automatically get a free MB bucket when you activate your phone. While doing so, the user is able to utilise the free MBs that are included in the new mobile Zong deal to view videos on YouTube, access Facebook, chat using WhatsApp, and see pals participating in video conversations with IMO. The PIN CODE for ZONG NET SETTINGS may be found here.

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