Zain Postpaid Black Daily, Weekly, Monthly Plans

You may be interested in Zain’s Black bundles if you have Zain postpaid as your primary plan. Prior to this, customers who used prepaid services were the only ones who could purchase these bundles. However, they have also introduced new ones for the subscribers of the postpaid service.

You may choose from a variety of bundles, starting with 50 MB per day, 500 MB per week, 10 GB for one month, 10 GB for three months, and going all the way up to 300 GB each month. You are free to choose one and enjoy the one that is most suitable to your requirements. Let’s have a look at these Black packages down here, shall we?

Zain Black Postpaid Packages

Daily zain package

1 day
SAR 2.3
SMS “D50” to 959
SMS “CA50M” to 959

Weekly zain Packages

1 week
SAR 13.8
SMS “D500” to 959
SMS “CA500” to 959

Monthly zain Packages

1 month
SAR 34.5
SMS “D1000” to 959
SMS “CA1GB” to 959

Monthly zain 2GB Packages

1 month
SAR 57.5
SMS “D2000” to 959
SMS “CA2GB” to 959

Monthly zain 5GB Packages

1 month
SAR 86.5
SMS “D5000” to 959
SMS “CA5GB” to 959

Zain Monthly 10GB Packages

1 month
SAR 109.5
SMS “10GBM” to 959
SMS “CA10M” to 959

Zain 3 Monthly 10GB Packages

3 months
SAR 189.75
SMS “10GB” to 959
SMS “CA10G” to 959

Zain 3 Monthly 20GB Packages

3 months
SAR 253
SMS “20GB” to 959
SMS “CA20G” to 959

Zain 3 Monthly 50GB Packages

3 months
SAR 304.75
SMS “50GB” to 959
SMS “CA50G” to 959

Zain Monthly 100GB Packages

1 month
SAR 184
SMS “100GBM” to 959
SMS “CA100M” to 959

Zain 3 Monthly 100GB Packages

3 months
SAR 368
SMS “100GB” to 959
SMS “CA100” to 959

Zain Monthly 150GB Packages

3 months
SAR 414
SMS “150GB” to 959
SMS “CA150” to 959

Zain Monthly 300GB Packages

3 months
SAR 517.5
SMS “300GB” to 959
SMS “CA300” to 959

The rates that are given above for each plan already include 15% of the applicable VAT. In point of fact, it will be the whole cost of the package whether it is purchased for the first time or renewed. Please be aware that these packages just contain data. Therefore, the bundles do not contain any free minutes of any kind, both domestic and foreign minutes alike. You have the option of looking at different postpaid options that include data and minutes.

Both 4G and 5G devices are compatible with the data that is included in the packages. Therefore, it is to your advantage to own a gadget that is compatible with a 5G network. After then, you will not be restricted in any way in your ability to make use of the high internet speed. In addition, there are no unlimited plan options available at this time. If they do, we will immediately update this post with the new information. Nevertheless, in the event that you need an unlimited 5G package.

As I have said before, these programs are restricted to postpaid clients in the Kingdom who have Zain service. However, there are Black 1, Black 2, and Black 3 package options available for prepaid subscribers. In addition, you may check the amount of postpaid data you have left by sending the text “BC” to the number 959. You also have the option of using the Zain South Africa app to access the rest of your data.

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