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Urdu 12th Class Paper Scheme 2022 Punjab Board

Would you like to get the Urdu paper plan for the second year of the 12th class for the Punjab Board? Yes, the whole Urdu paper scheme for 2022 will be made available to you to see on our website. As a result, there is no longer any need for you to go elsewhere for the paper plan. Urdu 12th Class Paper Scheme 2022 Punjab Board.

Urdu 12th Class Paper Scheme 2022 Punjab

You will be able to get information on the requested questions, mark distributions, and other pertinent facts by using the pairing scheme 2022 that has been provided for Urdu. On the other hand, the Urdu Paper matching system will also include information on the grammatical patterns, including essays, letters, and other forms of Urdu writing. The pupils would be better able to comprehend the examination format if they look at this 2nd-year Urdu Paper plan 2022. The Urdu pairing strategy for the intermediate HSSC Part-II examination may be seen here.

Urdu 12th Class Paper Scheme 2022 Punjab Board

To be of service to the kids, we have also uploaded the date sheets for the second year of school onto our website. Therefore, you may check the date sheets for all 12th classes offered by the Punjab Boards by coming to see us. The date sheets for the HSSC 12th class indicate that the boards will administer the Urdu exam on the 4th of July 2022. This paper will be the last one administered during the 12th class. Therefore, to be of assistance to the students, we did all in our power to make available to them all of the materials that would be of use to them, such as date sheets, guess papers, and paper plans.

Types of Urdu 2nd year Question Paper

The 2nd-year (12th Class) Urdu paper consists of 02 Sections. 

  • The objective part has 20 MCQs & each MCQ has a 01 mark. (Total Marks=20)
  • The subjective part has explained questions regarding poems, chapters, Essays, letters, etc. (Total marks=80)

Urdu 2nd Year 12th Class Exam Paper Scheme 2022

Below is the complete 2nd-year (12th Class) Urdu paper pairing scheme for 2022.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

In the 12th Class Urdu papers, there are 20 MCQs according to the following scheme. 

سلیبس MCQs مارکس
درسی کتاب کے اندر سے معروضی سوالات 5 5
مطابقت اور حروف کا صحیح استعمال 5 5
رموزو اوقاف سے معروضی سوالات 5 5
امدادی  فعل کا صحیح استعمال 5 5

Subjective Part of Urdu Paper

The Subjective Part of the Urdu Paper has the questions according to the following marks distribution.

Question No. Chapters
Q.2 (الف)(نظم کےاشعار کی تشریح) حصہ نظم میں سے دو اشعار کی تشریح کرنی ہو گی (5×2=10(
Q.2 (ب)(غزل کےاشعار کی تشریح) تین اعار دئیے جائیں گے تینوں  کی ہی تشریح الگ الگ  کرنی ہو گی۔ شاعر کا نام لکھنے کا 1 نمبر بھی شامل ہے (3×3+1=10(
Q.3 (پیرا گراف کی تشریح) سیاق و سباق کے حوالے سے دو میں سے ایک پیرا گراف کی تشریح کرنی ہو گی۔(10+3 +1+1=15(
Q.4 (سبق کا خلاصہ) دو اسباق میں سے ایک کا خلاصہ لکھنا ہو گامصنف کا نام  لکھنے کا بھی 1 نمبر شامل ہےایک سبق کا خلاصہ پہلی آدھی کتاب اور دوسرا دوسری آدھی کتاب سے آئے گا ۔ 10 مارکس
Q.5 نظم کا خلاصہ )) نظم کا خلاصہ لکھنا آئے گا ۔  5 مارکس
Q.6 (مضمون) دیئے گئے تین میں سے ایک عنوان پر مضمون  لکھنا۔ 20مارکس
Q.7 (خط) دئیے گئے موضوع پر اپنے کسی دوست یا عزیز کو غیر رسمی خط لکھنا۔  10 مارکس

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