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Ufone Weekly Internet Plus offer code and details

Simply calling *260# on your Ufone prepaid SIM will enable you to activate Ufone Weekly Internet Plus, which will provide you with 10,000 MBs (3G/4G) for a period of seven days for a cost of Rs 199. This package was developed specifically for people who spend a lot of time on social networking, gaming, and video internet sites. Ufone Weekly Internet Plus offer code and details

The use of cell phones has quickly become commonplace among young people in Pakistan. On the other hand, since the introduction of live cricket, drama serials, movies, and applications for sharing videos online, the internet has become an essential resource for everyone.

Ufone Weekly Internet Plus offers code 

Because of this, the administrators at Ufone have developed a new 7-day plan to cater to the needs of customers who use the prepaid service. The initial incentives for purchasing this internet package have been upgraded to include twice as much data.

 Ufone Weekly Plus

This weekly internet bundle from Ufone now comes with twice as many megabytes as before, as suggested by the product’s name (plus). The customer will now get 8 gigabytes of data as part of their subscription to the “Ufone Weekly Internet Plus” plan. Yes! This data has been multiplied by two from its initial value.

In addition, the price of a subscription to the weekly plus package on the network has not been adjusted in any way. It may still be purchased for 199 rupees at this time. Now is the time to reload your Ufone prepaid SIM card in order to enjoy weekly 3G/4G LTE entertainment.

10GB in Rs 199

A load of 199 rupees will provide the subscriber internet access of 10 gigabytes per day for seven days (one week). This package will function around the clock, but only half of its data, which totals 5 GB (5000 MBs), will be accessible between the hours of 1 AM and 9 AM.


  • Offer Name:   Weekly Plus
  • MBs:              10,000
  • 5GB Time:     1 AM to 9 AM
  • Validity:         7 Days
  • Price:             Rs 199
  • SUB-Code:     *260#
  • Check Code:   *706#

You will note that no telecom network has ever introduced an internet bundle with such affordable rates before. Typically, internet packages are offered at very high prices across all networks. However, by delivering such a high incentive package at such a cheap cost, Ufone is effectively giving away the highest grade of service that it offers.

MBs Timing

Keep in mind that your 5 GB of data will be active around the clock for 7 days. On the other side, you’ll only be able to use the remaining 5GB from 1 AM until 9 AM the following morning. As a result, the total amount of data has been cut in half according to the amount of time it was used.

App and Coding (SUB)

The following package is also accessible on the Ufone App; thus, if you want to activate this weekly internet bundle from inside the app, you may open the app and find it there. In a similar fashion, you may activate it by entering its official activation code, which is *260#. This is the place to get information on the Ufone Call History Method.

The Authoritative Link

Visit the official website of Ufone for those who are interested in receiving comprehensive information on the terms and conditions of this bundle, as well as information regarding any applicable taxes. The membership fee for this weekly bundle was available at a lower rate than what is indicated up top. However, as a result of the implementation of taxes, the price is now 190. Therefore, in order to acquire this bundle on your prepaid phone, you will need to load 190 from the store.

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