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Ufone Tax Certificate 2022 Ufone Tax Deduction Certificate

The most popular mobile phone service in Pakistan is Ufone, which offers set prices for calls, text messaging, and voice packages. Additionally, the network features history recorders that store SIM user tax and withholding history annually. Therefore, you are on the proper website if you wish to receive your Ufone Tax Certificate or withhold or infer tax information.

We have demonstrably shown that there are only ways that are effective for locating and downloading tax statements throughout the course of an entire year.

 Tax Certificate of Ufone

There are two techniques that allow you to free download and verify online statements. After reading their whole descriptions and understanding the explanations for the photos below, you can execute these two tricks:

  • Ufone Tax Certificate Through Self Care
  • Ufone Tax Certificate Through Ufone App

These are the two methods that will enable you to obtain a free certificate for an annual deduction.

Get a Certificate via Self Care

For all prepaid users to have full access to their accounts, the network has launched an official portal of Ufone Self Care. Yes! Through this official website, you may access your history, call history, prepaid recharge, postpaid bill payments, bundles, and much more, including tax certificates. What you need to do is as follows:

  • Open https://www.ufone.com
  • Select the unique access area now.
  • First, type your SIM number on top
  • Put your CNIC number into the box now.
  • Please click “Login” once both boxes have been filled in.
  • On the following page, you will have access to your SIM account.
  • The three white lines at the top of the new page should be clicked.
  • An additional list of 10 choices will immediately appear.
  • Choose option 5 (Usage), which will reveal further options.
  • You have to select “Tax Certificate” present at number 5 in that row
  • The “Tax Certificate” will appear in a new window; enter the “start & end” dates here.
  • Finally, select “download” to start downloading the certificate for the selected year.

Note that downloading statements from the internet is a free service.

Ufone Tax Certificate Through Ufone App

Prepaid consumers frequently employ a second 100% effective way to obtain their tax deductions and withholding certificates. Yes! This trick uses the “Ufone App” technique, which allows you to download certificates for any year.

  • Download & install the “Ufone App”
  • Open this app on your smartphone now.
  • In the boxes of goods, there are 8 alternatives.
  • Click on “Tax Certificate” in the fifth option.
  • The “start & finish” date of the tax is shown on the next page.
  • Please provide your email address in the field designated as necessary.
  • Click on the “Submit” button to download Ufone Tax Certificate


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