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Ufone Super Internet Plus Ufone 18 GB Package

Ufone Super Internet Plus is offering you only Rs 529 18 GB of data for the whole of the month. Below you can find all of the information that we have gathered about this deal. Ufone Super Internet Plus Ufone 18 GB Package.

Ufone Super Internet Plus Ufone 18 GB Package

This plan allows users of 3G and 4G SIM cards to access 18 GB of internet for the whole month for a cost of 529 rupees, and it is good for both types of SIM cards. Therefore, all prepaid users should be ready to access a substantial amount of megabytes at a price that is reasonable for the next thirty days.

Each and every subscriber will get a unique twist as part of this bundle. Yes! Users will be able to access the internet with 9 GB of data 24 hours a day for the whole of the month, while the remaining 9 GB of data will be available to use between the hours of 1 AM and 9 AM on a monthly basis. The total amount of 18 GB of data is split into two sections here.

Ufone Super Internet Plus

In point of fact, the Ufone Super Online Plus package includes 18 GB of internet storage for a period of one month. However, there is a catch here, and that comes in the shape of the MBs division. Yes! The remaining 9 GB of data may be used on regular internet as well, but only between the hours of 1:00 AM and 9:00 AM local time each day. This data can be used for the whole 24 hours that it is available.

We are able to declare that the partition of 18,000 MBs was carried out in accordance with the pattern of greatest utilization and minimal usage. Because we spend more time on the internet than on social media, it has 18,000 MBs of storage space, and some of those MBs have nighttime access restrictions appropriately. Utilize one monthly bucket for internet use as well as social media app usage.

18 GB Package Details

The entire Ufone 16 GB monthly internet package has been broken down into its component parts and described in this article. Examine the following table for information on the validity of the packages, the codes, and the prices:

  • Offer Name: Super Plus
  • Data:18 GB
  • 24 Hours (Monthly):9 GB
  • 1 AM to 9 AM (Monthly): 9 GB
  • Validity:30 Days
  • Price: PKR 529
  • SUB-Code:*290#
  • Check Code:*706#

Check MBs

Simply dialing in the access code *706# will allow you to see the remaining MBs for this bundle at no cost. Download and install the “My Ufone App” to get all of the information. This program may be downloaded for free, and the home page provides users with the ability to see their remaining balance, minutes, SMS, and MBs without incurring any further costs.

The Terms and Conditions of Use

  • The package includes a total of 18 GB (9 GB for 24 hours plus 9 GB from 1 AM to 9 AM).
    An ideal that does not renew itself each month is the 18 GB internet package.
    If you so choose, you may purchase several subscriptions to this particular bundle.
    On this deal, there will be no extra taxes or fees deducted from your total.
    This package will only be available to Ufone 4G prepaid members who choose to subscribe to it.
    You are free to utilize your given MBs at any time, day or night, without being subject to any restrictions or time limits.
    After a period of 30 days, any leftover MB will be lost, and they will not be added to the subsequent subscription.
    Please go to Ufone’s official website in order to see the information and frequently asked questions pertaining to the various package options.

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