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Ufone Super Call Offer | Ufone Special Call Offer 2022

Simply dial *45# or *062# to activate the Ufone Super Call Offer, after which you will be able to keep in contact with every subscriber for a whole day and begin taking advantage of the offer to make calls for only 3 rupees each. Ufone Super Call Offer | Ufone Special Call Offer 2022.

Activating a calling bundle will allow you to make free calls inside the Ufone network to other Ufone users for the following day. To activate this package, you will need to pay PKR 10. After activating this package, you will be able to make calls from one user to another at a cost of PKR 3.89 for each hour of conversation.

Ufone is one of the most well-known networks in Pakistan. Because it offers properly adapted packages, this network is used by the vast majority of young women. In addition, consumers have the option to subscribe to low-cost internet, text message, and voice call packages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, the issue for today is a call bundle that only includes one day of service. As a result, the specifics of this one-day calling bundle, including its price, subscription code, unsubscription code, status code, validity, and any additional terms and restrictions, are outlined below.

Ufone Super Call Offer

Offer Name: Super Call
On-Net Minutes: 24 Hours
Subscription Charges: PKR 10
1 Hour Call Charges: PKR 3.89
SUB-Code: *45#
SUB-Code: Send 33 to 444

How to Subscribe

As it is mentioned above there are two methods to subscribe to this bundle:

  1. Dial *45# and subscribe to 24 hours calling bundle.
  2. Each hour will charge additionally PKR 3.89

You can also subscribe to this bundle by sending an SMS to the service code:

  • To subscribe to Call Offer type a new message.
  • Type a new message of two digits 33.
  • Now send this code to service number 444.
  • Service activation notification will confirm to offer of a subscription.

Super Call Offer Un-Subscribe

Daily Ufone Super calling bundle can be easily un-subscribed or deactivated by following steps:

  • Dial *451# to un-subscribe Ufone Super Call Offer.
  • Offer un-subscription cost PKR 0.05.
  • A confirmation message will confirm to offer deactivation.

Start Calls For PKR 3

Now that you’ve paid the PKR 10 to activate the bundle, you can begin making calls at a rate of only PKR 3.89 per hour. The subscribers, on the other hand, are responsible for remembering that the network will change its call fees regardless of the length of the conversation—whether it is for two seconds, ten minutes, or the whole hour. Therefore, bear in mind that the cost of the call will be deducted from your balance after each call, regardless of the length of the conversation.

Terms & Conditions

  • Each call will cost PKR 3.89.
  • Each call will remain connected for 60 minutes.
  • This bundle is not available with other call bundles.
  • After a call disconnect starts a new call and pays another PKR 3.89.
  • Click here for complete details with INFO & FaQs.

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