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Ufone Social Monthly Package Price & Code

Ufone’s Social Monthly Package costs 60 rupees and gives users 1 gigabyte of data each month to use on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. To activate this well-known bucket for continuous socializing, dial *5858# on your telephone keypad. Ufone Social Monthly Package Price & Code.

We are all aware that the primary component that contributes to the allure of the internet is the ability to engage in social activities. Because of this, Ufone has launched a unique monthly plan that is exclusively available for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp users. The total cost of this deal is not prohibitive at all.

The process of establishing an internet connection to a telecommunications network has never been simple; but, now that Ufone offers economical bundles, it is feasible to activate a data plan at a reduced cost. Activating a monthly internet service costs sixty rupees and may be done whenever you like. Yes! All of this is now feasible thanks to the introduction of a monthly social bucket.

Ufone’s Social Plan, on a Monthly Basis

Simply dial *5858# to sign up for the 1GB Ufone Social Monthly Package, which costs 60 rupees per month. Always keep in mind that this is a basic monthly package that just provides internet for social applications like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

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Those individuals who are looking for a comprehensive social bucket may take advantage of the offer to get 1000 MBs. In addition, today we have provided a description of its subscription code, unsubscribe code, and check code, along with its initial pricing, which may be seen below.

1GB in Rs 60

On Ufone, purchasing 1000 3G/4G MBs has always been a pricey endeavor; however, the introduction of the monthly social package has made this option more accessible financially. These are the codes, as well as the details:


  • Offer Name:    Monthly Social
  • MBs:                 1000 (1GB)
  • Price:                Rs 60
  • Validity:          30 Days
  • Support:        Twitter Facebook WhatsApp
  • SUB-Code:     *5858#

Unsubscribe Code

Because we are going to explain the process by which you may cancel your subscription to the Ufone Social Monthly Package, this section of the article is one of the most significant parts of the whole piece. Officials did not provide any particular code; nevertheless, you may unsubscribe from this service by using the “Ufone App.”

On the other side, you may contact customer service by dialing 333 and requesting that they remove this package from your SIM card. There will be fees associated with making an official call. Because of this innovative service, you are now able to choose the Ufone Number that best suits your needs.

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