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Ufone SMS Packages 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

This page contains the most up-to-date version of the complete Ufone SMS Packages Code List that is available. Consequently, have a look at the SMS packages, together with their costs, incentives, and validity, on a single page. Ufone SMS Packages 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Do you want to activate the SMS package on Ufone but are unsure which SMS plan best meets your needs and preferences? If Yes! Then, for your convenience, we have included a list that can be seen below, which details the various SMS packages that are available from Ufone and the associated validities.

There are a total of six different SMS packages available on the Ufone SMS Package Code List. These bundles are completely authentic in every way and are sold at an affordable price in order to provide prepaid Ufone customers with a vast array of benefits.

Ufone SMS Package Code List

According to 2022, the Ufone SMS Package Code List has been revised, and there are now a total of six SMS packages that provide Ufone customers with a reduced charge for sending SMS messages to other networks that support the service.

Keep in mind that these SMS (Message) Packages may only be enabled on prepaid Ufone SIM cards in order for them to be active. Therefore, in order to effectively activate these buckets on your number, you will need to have a Ufone Prepaid SIM card.

  • Daily Message Package      SMS ‘Sub’ to 605 
  • Weekly Message Package  SMS ‘Sub’to 608  Price Rs 11 .95
  • Fortnightly SMS Package SMS ‘Sub’to 603   Price  Rs 39.33
  • Monthly Message Package  SMS ‘Sub’ to 607 Price Rs 95.6
  • 45 Days Message Package    SMS ‘Sub’ to 614 Price: Rs 118.31
  • Yearly Message Package    SMS ‘Sub’ to 601  Price: Rs 795.87+tax

Sending Text Messages to On-Net and Off-Net Numbers

These messages will assist you 100 percent for sure if you are going to communicate with someone on the same network as you (Ufone to Ufone) or with someone on the same network (Ufone to Jazz, Zong, Warid, SCOM, and Telenor). Ufone’s low-cost SMS (text message) buckets will, as a result, ensure that you remain in constant contact with your pals.

How Do I Check How Many SMS Are Left

Because of this, the technique to check the number of remaining text messages on a Ufone prepaid SIM card has been provided below. Simply dial *706# to check for free if any further SMS has been received. Alternatively, you may enquire about leftover SMS and their validity by sending an empty (blank) SMS to the number 606.

How Do I Unsub From The Ufone SMS Offer?

You have the ability to deactivate any subscribed bucket from these 6 SMS offers by using the specified codes and techniques, and doing so is completely legal and free of charge.

Simply send an SMS with the word “Unsub” to the number 506 to cancel any Ufone SMS package to which you are currently subscribing.
Sending an SMS with the word “Unsub” to the number 8066 would cancel the Ufone weekly SMS offer.

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