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Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer at 375 Rupees

Are you looking for the finest hybrid weekly internet and voice bundle for your prepaid Ufone SIM card? If Yes! If this is the case, you have landed on the correct page since we have provided information on the greatest (data + minutes) bucket available at a cheap price here.

Through the Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer, you may get 5000 Ufone and PTCL Minutes in addition to 40GB of data (3G/4G) for only 375. Simply dial *7777# to activate this bucket, and you’ll have free data and minutes for the next week.

As a general rule, Ufone has introduced this bucket bearing in mind the severe climate in Pakistan. This is because people are unable to leave their homes to meet with their friends and family. Therefore, avoid venturing out in the heat to see loved ones and just keep in touch with them via phone calls and the internet.

Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer

Dial *7777# to activate the Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer for the next 7 days (1 week). This package costs Rs 375, however, the user must have 300 rupees in the account to successfully subscribe to this bucket.

It is the only prepaid weekly package that comes with a massive amount of 2G/3G/4G and LTE-supported data. Yes! No other bucket gives so much data in the Ufone network. However, this affordable package is a combo of internet + minutes for subscribers.

Ufone sab se bari offer details

Here we have described the basic details of this package. However, their separate description is present below this table.

Offer name Ufone sab se bari offer
Code *7777#
Price 375
Data 40 GB
Minutes 5000
validity 7 days
status *706#

How To Activate Offer

In Ufone, activating the Sab Se Bari Offer may be done in one of two ways. Yes! You also have the option to manually activate it by dialing the *7777# number. Alternatively, you may activate the package using the Ufone online packages subscription system by providing your phone number in the box that is located underneath the package on the online storefront.

How to Check MBs & Minutes

Simply enter *706# onto your telephone’s keypad to see the balance of any leftover rewards for this bucket. Users of Ufone who take advantage of the Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer will be rewarded with a substantial quantity of data and minutes for an extended period. Because of this, it is essential to check and see how many minutes and MBs are still available in our subscription.

People often have the misconception that this bundle provides 40,000 MBs, however, this is not the case. In a nutshell, the contents of the 1 GB of data are 1024 MB. Because of this, the value of 40 GB is equivalent to 40,960 MB. Take pleasure in the quickest 4G & LTE 40GB (40,960 MBs) for an uninterrupted period of 7 days.

You will receive 5,000 minutes for both Ufone and PTCL networks. Yes! Call on any prepaid Ufone and PTCL number and call for a long duration. No call setup charges will apply while starting a call. Here the most important part that you must remember is Ufone’s basic condition about call

Terms & Conditions

  • It is a prepaid offer
  • It will work for 7 days (weekly)
  • No additional charges will apply
  • GST, AIT & FED will apply to the package
  • No call setup charges apply on 5000 minutes
  • Total data is 40GB becomes equal to 40,960 MBs
  • Calling minutes will work for both Ufone & PTCL num
  • Per call maximum duration 59 minutes and 59 seconds
  • You can subscribe to this offer multiple times for double incentives

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