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Ufone PUBG Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2022

Get the most recent information on Ufone’s PUBG packages, which include hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly 3G/4G data bundles designed especially for the game. Do you want to use Ufone to play PUBG? If Yes! Then there is the freshly released “Ufone PUBG Package,” which includes information, codes, and a fee. Ufone PUBG Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2022.

PUBG has gained enormous popularity in Pakistan. Nowadays, PUBG is played by everyone boys and females since it is so much fun! Ufone regularly released internet, SMS, or minutes bundles that were expressly tailored for certain apps. Most of these apps are for socializing, playing videos, and playing games.

Ufone has once again demonstrated that the network actually operates and embodies the network tagline “It’s All About You” in its offers. These fantastic packs for this online gaming software serve as proof of this.

Ufone PUBG Packages 2022 (New)

Ufone consistently makes an effort to offer user-friendly packages in accordance with subscriber needs. This time, the network created and introduced an MBs package for PUBG with hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly validity.

Ufone PUBG Hourly Package

First, the following list of hourly valid MBs bundles. From this list, you can select this package and play PUBG for the allotted number of hours.

Hourly PUBG Offer List

 6 Hours Package

For Rs 17, activate the “6 Hours PUBG Bundle” by dialing *550#. This service is only available from 12 AM to 12 PM. The person who signs up for this deal gets 2000 MBs (2GB).

Details of MBs

Offer Name 6 Hours
MBs 2000
Validity 12 AM to 12 PM
Price Rs 17
SUB Code *550#

Daily PUBG MBs Package

Additionally, a 24-hour daily PUBG package is available. To play this game for a full day without stopping, activate a 1-day PUBG package. These packages are typically inexpensive but quite successful because they give consumers the ability to play their chosen game levels for a minimal fee.

List of Daily PUBG Offers 

Heavy Offer

This deal, which goes by the name “Ufone Heavy Offer,” is the heaviest one you’ve ever heard of. In essence, you will obtain 75 MBs for 18 rupees with this deal. To activate the 75 MB deal, dial *2258#.

Details of MBs 

Offer Name Heavy Offer
MBs 75
Validity Daily
Price Rs 18
SUB Code *2258#

Weekly PUBG MBs

7 days 3 wonderful combos are available in PUBG packages. For a week, these 3 bundles offer 1.2GB, 6GB, and 25GB of data. However, the network has designated a certain amount of time for a bundle’s first 50 MBs. Look at the code, MBs, and bundle information.

Weekly PUBG Offers

1.5GB Bundle

For 150 rupees, get 1.5 GB (1500 MBs) of usage for 7 days. The activation code for this prepaid bundle, which is well recognized for having the quickest speed, is *220#.

MBs Details

Offer Name 1.5GB Offer
MBs 1500
Validity Weekly
Price Rs 150
SUB Code *220#
10 GB Bundle

Get 10GB of data, including 5GB from 1 AM to 9 AM every week, by dialing *260#. Because PUBG uses a lot of internet bandwidth, this subscription is ideal for day and night PUBG battles every week. Users who want to purchase the PUBG 10 GB package must have 199 rupees in their account balance.

Offer Details

Offer Name 10GB Offer
MBs 10,000
Validity Weekly
Price Rs 199
SUB Code *260#
25 GB Bundle

How about 25000 MBs for a week for just 80 rupees? Yes! This bundle is completely authentic and is available every day from 1 AM to 9 AM. For eight hours, you can access internet MBs (night to morning). You only need to dial *2570# from your phone’s dial pad to activate this offer.

Offer Details

Offer Name 25GB Offer
MBs 25000
Validity 7 Days
Timing 1 AM – 9 AM
Price Rs 80
SUB Code *2570#

Monthly PUBG MBs

The final two bundles are offers for 30 days of PUBG MBs. The first bundle offers 8GB, while the second offers 1GB for 30 days. Therefore, thanks to Ufone-friendly discounts, it is now simple to play PUBG on a monthly basis.

Monthly PUBG Offers 

8 GB Bundle

For 529 rupees, Monthly Plus is offering 18,000 MBs (18 GB). To activate a bundle, dial *290#. With the help of this package, you can play PUBG on your phone 24/7, without any time restrictions. Additionally, there is no set schedule for using these MBs. This package just has to be activated once to be used for 30 days.

Offer Details

Offer Name 18GB Offer
MBs 18,000
Validity 30 Days
Price Rs 529
SUB Code *290#

Note that until the offer’s expiration, only half of the 9GB of data is usable.

1GB Bundle

This 1000 MB deal is available for Rs 390. The subcode for the 30-day PUBG bundle is *7807#, and more information is provided below:

This 1000 MB deal is available for Rs 390. The subcode for the 30-day PUBG bundle is *7807#, and more information is provided below:

Details of offer

Offer Name 1GB Offer
MBs 1000
Validity 30 Days
Price Rs 390
SUB Code *7807#
Buy PUBG UC With Ufone
In addition to offering affordable PUBG gaming bundles, Ufone also offers “online billing” for PUBG UC through its “Ufone Billing Service.” Yes! Ufone SIM can be used to purchase PUBG mystery cash. The two advantages of adopting SIM are as follows.

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