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Ufone Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees

The Ufone Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees is a calling bucket that is valid for 30 days and may be used to make calls to any network. It gives the maximum number of minutes that can be used to communicate using a Ufone SIM card. Ufone Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees

Do you have a SIM card from Ufone and want to use it to make calls on the Jazz, Telenor, Warid, or Zong networks? If Yes! Then, here we have a call package with two distinct validity periods, but the cost of each of these buckets is the same.

As you are aware, Ufone has just introduced the Pakistan Offer and the Best Offer for consumers of their prepaid service. Both of these deals cost 100 rupees and come with a generous allotment of minutes for use on any network in Pakistan.

Ufone’s Monthly Call Package, 

You may activate the Ufone Monthly Call Package for 100 Rupees by dialing *8888#. This will allow you to get 700 Ufone and PTCL Minutes as well as 100 MBs of data for the cost of 100 Rupees. This is the offer being offered by Ufone Pakistan.

The second deal, on the other hand, is the Best Offer, and it consists of 1000 Ufone & PTCL (On-Network) Minutes for a load price of 120 rupees. The following provides exhaustive information on both of the available packages:

Pakistan Offer in Rs 100

This offer used to be for a monthly bucket; however, as a result of the recent significant rise in FED, GST, and AIT, the authorities in charge of telecommunications have reduced the frequency of validation for both of these buckets, bringing them down from monthly to weekly, respectively. Yes! This particular bundle is a weekly package that costs 100 rupees. Simply dial *8888# to activate the weekly package, which comes with a one-hundred-dollar price tag.

  • Offer Name:    Pak Offer
  • MBs:                100
  • U Minutes:      700
  • Validity:          7 Days
  • Price:              Rs 100
  • SUB-Code:    *8888#
  • UNSUB Code: *8880#

Best Offer in Rs 100

  • Offer Name: Best OfferFB
  • MBs:2GB
  • U Minutes:1000
  • Validity:7 Days
  • Price:Rs 100
  • Load Required:Rs 120
  • SUB-Code:*7070#
  • Check Code:*707#

Monthly Offer Convert To Weekly

In their most basic form, both of these plans were monthly; however, because the government of Pakistan has substantially raised the rates of all types of taxes, the Pakistani telecom authorities have decided to reduce the amount of time that an offer is valid for, and they have also decided to raise the prices of each offer. Because of this, the duration of each of these monthly packages has been reduced to one week (7 days).

Enjoy Calls Made Within the Network.

By taking advantage of one of these packages, you will be able to make an unlimited number of calls to other Ufone users at a predetermined cost. Because of this, customers are doing a great deal of research using the search term “Ufone Monthly Call Package in 100 Rs.”

The Terms and Conditions of Use

Both of these deals are available every week.
Yes! You have a week to take advantage of the available incentives.
The total amount that must be paid in taxes has just been raised.
You are able to subscribe to any of these offers more than once.
Even if numerous subscriptions are purchased, the validity will not be affected.

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