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Ufone Mega Internet Night Package 2022

17 rupees will provide you access to 2 gigabytes of fast 3G/4G internet from 12 am to 12 pm. To activate the Ufone Mega Internet Night Package and have access to 2,000 megabytes of internet, dial *550#. These internet MBs put in their seven hours of labor each day at the same predetermined time. Ufone Mega Internet Night Package 2022.

Because it offers the greatest data packages, Ufone makes it incredibly simple to get the most data possible at the lowest possible cost. Now, like it does every time, Ufone has introduced yet another excellent internet package for all of its customers. With this package, gaining access to 2G and 3G internet has thus gotten much simpler.

We make it very clear to all of the customers who have subscribed to the “Mega Data Bicket” that any expiring MBs that occur after 8 AM will not be included in the subsequent subscription of this bundle. Therefore, make sure you make use of your fixed MBs before the time when they expire, which is in the morning.

Ufone Mega Internet Offer

Nighttime brings a sense of liberation to many individuals. Ufone has thus introduced this package in an effort to make their evenings more enjoyable and pleasant. Simply phone *550# and you will be given access to 2 GB of internet throughout the evening hours. The most interesting aspect of this deal is that it costs just 17 rupees for the bundle to function from twelve in the morning until twelve in the afternoon. This chart provides us with all of the relevant information.

Offer Details:

  • Package: Mega Internet
  • Data:2 GB
  • Price: PKR 17
  • Recharge Req: PKR 18
  • Validity:1 Day
  • Availability:12 AM to 12 PM
  • SUB-Code:*550#
  • UN-SUB:*5501#
  • Status:*706#
  • Type: Prepaid Only

2GB From 12 AM to 12 PM

Customers will be able to download at 2000 Mbps, stream video online, play online games, and browse the internet for only PKR 17, which includes all applicable taxes. In addition, these megabits per second will work on all 2G, 3G, and 4G devices. This speed is going to be fantastic, particularly for devices that support 4G.

How To Activate Bucket?

Simply dialing *550# on your mobile in order to subscribe to this package for one night is required if you want to take advantage of it, as was previously explained. The second approach involves activating the bundle via the main website of the network.

Following the completion of the subscription process, you will be given 4G data with a validity of one day. In addition, you do not need to call any codes in order to subscribe to this package if you utilize the official network website or the “Ufone App.” Follow this link to find out more information on the Ufone Nayi SIM Offer.

Offer De-Activate Code

On the other hand, all those users who don’t need this internet package can deactivate it through two easy methods:

  • Dial *5501# and deactivate the night data offer
  • Use “My Ufone App” to deactivate this data bundle

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