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Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package 2022

Sending the text “Sub” to 603 with your Ufone mobile number will allow you to subscribe to the Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package. For the low price of Rs. 39, you will be able to send and receive 10500 SMS messages across all networks. Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package 2022.

With the most recent Ufone SMS bundle, you can now get messages that are valid on all networks for only 39 rupees. This package offers the most number of SMS messages at the most affordable rate of all the packages’ bundled options. If you are a student who wants to maintain relationships with your friends and other students, then you should subscribe to this package. Begin a chat with your pals in complete silence and without incurring any additional costs.

Yes! It is a very wonderful message bundle for the complete youth of Pakistan because, for less than Rs. 39, you may enjoy sending the greatest number of free messages to all of Pakistan’s networks. In reality, the total cost was merely Rs 39.33 with tax. There is a validity period of 14 days for this product (14 days). For a period of two weeks, the user will have access to 10,500 free SMS messages (to all networks). Isn’t it a sufficient SMS plan for your needs?

Ufone’s Package for Sending Messages Every Two Weeks

Just PKR 39 will provide you with 10,500 SMS for all Pakistani networks for 14 consecutive days (day and night) without any interruptions. We have included a description of this Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package below, along with its activation code, price, duration of validity, and check code for the remaining SMS:

This Prepaid SMS package has everything you need, and it can be yours for just PKR 39. Using SMS bundles for fourteen days, you may have text discussions with your friends and family members whenever you like, day or night. This bundle is unlike any other since it is good for a total of 14 days, or two weeks. There has never been another network that introduced a 14-day SMS plan.

The user only has to follow these steps and activate the 14-day (2-week) SMS bundle in order to become a subscriber to the program.

Ufone’s Twice-Weekly Text Message Details

This is a package that should be tried at least once in a person’s lifetime if they are fans of SMS packages and wish to get SMS for the longest possible period of time at a price that is reasonable. We are certain that once you sign up for this SMS Package, you will become a fan of it and, in the future, suggest it to others. Not only do we recommend this package, but we are also certain that you will become a fan of this package. This table contains all of the information that is currently available. Price, length of validity, and other pertinent information are included in it.

Incentives Details:

Package Name: Ufone Fortnightly
SMS Package
SMS: 10,500
Price: Rs 39
Balance Required: Rs 40
Validity: 14 Days
Code: SMS “Sub”
to 603
UN-SUB: SMS “Unsub”
to 8066

2 Weeks Bundle

This is the ideal package for the first two weeks of the month. Those users who are just interested in subscribing to the SMS package for a short period of time may activate this bundle for 14 days for the price of Rs 39. You may now send a message to any number in Pakistan at prices that are lower than those of any SMS package. You will get a bundle of 10,500 SMS messages, which is plenty for the next two weeks. Because of this, the conversations you have with your friends and family will go on forever. You may also look at the information about your Ufone Super Card Gold here.

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