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Ufone Call & SMS History Check Online Ufone Self Care

Ufone Call & SMS History Check Online for Free is now a feature that can be accessed via the Ufone Self-Care portal. Ufone executives created this service to provide help for their customers by making it free to use for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Ufone Call & SMS History Check Online 2022 Ufone Self Care.

Do you wish to see the call record for your most recent calls? Before these recent years, you were unable to do so unless you contacted the appropriate authorities and record database facilities. But these days, anybody who has a SIM card may see the call history stored on their SIM.

Not only does Ufone Self Care give “Call History,” but it also offers a lot of helpful services. Both prepaid and postpaid customers may benefit greatly from these services, which provide both relaxation and peace of mind. For your convenience, we have included a detailed explanation of each of these topics below.

Check Your Ufone Call and Message History Here

The “Ufone Self Care Service” that can be found on the official page of the network is the way that is guaranteed to function the best and has a success rate of one hundred percent. The access points and the technique have been broken down step by step and are outlined below.

The Ufone Self-Care website has a total of 8 free services for the customer to use. These services include Duplicate Bills, Complaint Registration, Postpaid Bill Payment, Bundles, Usage Details, Prepaid Recharge Online, and Super Card Online Buy. The final service supported by self-care is “Ufone Prepaid & Postpaid Call History,” which can be accessed through two different types of user access:

  • Full Access
  • Individual Access

Ufone Self-Care History Checker

Follow these steps and first register your number to the official “self-care database” and then check the Call & SMS history of your prepaid or postpaid number.

  1. Click on the Ufone Login Page
  2. First register here to login
  3. Hence click on “not registered”
  4. Provide your Ufone SIM Number
  5. Set a password of at least 6 words
  6. Now click on the continue button
  7. Finally, you are now registered in Self Care
  8. Get back on Ufone Self Care front page
  9. In “Full Access” provide a number & password
  10. Click on the “log in” button and get access to your SIM
  11. Now you can check “Ufone Call History Online” from here
  12. Select the “start date” & “end date” to check history figures
  13. Here you can check “call duration, call type, called number & duration”
  14. Official the network also provides the list of those numbers that were called

That’s all, try this simple trick today and get your Ufone prepaid or postpaid SIM last call record. Remember that it also provides call duration and the number you call recently. All this is possible with an online visit to the self-care page.

Delete Recent Record

It is also possible to delete or clear your recent call records. However, this process does not contain any tricky steps. You just need to reset your record via the given o

You may now acquire the last call record for either your prepaid or postpaid Ufone SIM card by giving this easy technique a go today. Keep in mind that it also gives the call length as well as the most recent number you called. All of this is attainable with a visit to the website dedicated to self-care that can be found online.

Delete Recent Record

You also have the option to erase or wipe the records of your most recent calls. This method, on the other hand, does not involve any complicated processes. You just have to use the option provided in the Self Care Features menu to clear your previous record. Find out all you need to know about the Ufone 5GB YouTube Weekly Offer right here.

option in Self Care Features. Get details about the Ufone 5GB YouTube Weekly Offer from here.

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