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Ufone Call Rate Packages To All Networks

Are you looking for call packages that include Ufone’s Other Network? You can stop looking since is going to discuss all of Ufone’s Other Network Calling bundles on this page. Ufone Call Rate Packages To All Networks. Ufone Call Rate Packages To All Networks.

To put it simply, Ufone is the only telecommunications network in Pakistan that offers reduced prices for calls made to numbers outside of its own network. You are well aware that there are five different telecommunications networks, and they are as follows: Jazz Warid, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and SCOM. It is for this reason that Ufone has a very tough time regulating the calling prices for each network.

Ufone has shown exceptional judgment in the face of such a challenging circumstance by the way it has handled this scenario. Because of this, the network has introduced a number of packages that give call minutes for other networks in addition to minutes for use inside the same network. On the other hand, we have done our best to highlight just those plans that feature off-network minutes in addition to other incentives below.

Call Packages for Ufone’s Other Networks

There are several different packages available that include off-net minutes, on-net minutes, SMS, and MBs for Ufone. Despite this, we have compiled a list of the finest plans available, each of which offers “Ufone Off-Net Minutes” at a reduced cost.

UWon Package

The “Ufone Off-Net Minutes Package” is the first bundle that UWon offers. The finest bundle ever, with a one-of-a-kind structure that functions in an entirely new way. In practice, customers may place calls to any network in Pakistan for a fixed fee of 2.99 rupees per minute, including (Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, PTCL, Jazz, and SCOM). This is an all-network calling bundle for that reason.

Offer Details:

Offer Name: UWon Offer
Jazz Calls: 2.99 per Mint
Zong Calls: 2.99 per Mint
PTCL Calls: 2.99 per Mint
SCOM Calls: 2.99 per Mint
Warid Calls: 2.99 per Mint
Ufone Calls: 2.99 per Mint
Telenor Calls: 2.99 per Mint
All Net SMS: 2.03 per SMS
Internet MBs: 2.75 per MB
Code: *444*1#
SMS Code: SMS 1 to 444

Sasta Packages

The second package that should be used as the “Ufone Off-Net Minutes Package” is shown below. Users who subscribe to this plan get access to a flat fee per minute for making calls to other networks. Yes! You will be charged the same amount to call on whichever network you choose, which is 1.49 rupees for every 30 seconds. On the other hand, the cost of sending one SMS to any network is Rs 2.03, regardless of the network.

Package Details:

Offer Name: Sasta Package
Jazz Calls: 1.49 per 30 sec
Zong Calls: 1.49 per 30 sec
PTCL Calls: 1.49 per 30 sec
SCOM Calls: 1.49 per 30 sec
Warid Calls: 1.49 per 30 sec
Ufone Calls: 1.49 per 30 sec
Telenor Calls: 1.49 per 30 sec
All Net SMS: 2.03 per SMS
Internet MBs: 2.75 per MB
Code: *5678#

Off-Net Bundles

These two customers mostly make use of Ufone’s “Off-Network Bundles.” Since of this, customers who wish to use their Ufone SIM cards to make calls on other networks may choose one package from either of these two bundles to utilize because both bundles provide the most affordable rates for off-network calls.

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Offer With No Time Limit

After a user has activated one of the bundles listed above, the other bundles will still be available to activate permanently since there are no incentives that will run out. You will only be responsible for the costs associated with calls that you place. Your bank account will not be debited with any extra funds by the firm. Using this link will get you 2GB of Ufone WhatsApp per month.

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