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Ufone balance save code from the internet

Ufone is a network in Pakistan whose internet is running very fast nowadays and everyone wants to keep their call package on it along with internet but when they have balance inside their sim If it is Delwa then after the end of internet package it is used with balance but now it will not happen. Ufone balance save code

Ufone has brought you a great way to keep your balance safe. If you use the internet and have a little bit of recharge inside your mobile SIM with it, then Ufone has come up with another way to keep it safe. Introduced you dial *6611# it and your balance will be saved

Ufone Balance save offer details

Offer nameBalance save offer
Ufone Balance save

This Ufone Balance Save Lock Code will prevent any outbound transactions from your Ufone account, allowing you to utilize your Ufone services without worrying about running out of credit. Simply dial *6611# from your Ufone number and follow the on-screen instructions to establish your Ufone Balance Save Lock Code.

You will be needed to input your Ufone Balance Save Lock Code every time you want to make an outbound transaction from your Ufone account after it has been established. This guarantees that you are the only one who has access to your account balance and who uses your Ufone services.

You may have noticed that your sim balance was depleted without your knowledge or consent. It’s possible that the explanation is that you’re using data while you don’t have an internet subscription, which will withdraw more money from your account and generate a Simlish in the balance!

Balance save code

At the same time let me tell you that other networks have also shown you how to share your balance but Ufone was having a lot of problems but now Ufone has also introduced it to the people.

After this offer, Ufone customers can use their data without any hassle. Now they have no problem that their balance will be lost but before that, there was no procedure on how to save their balance.

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