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Ufone Azaadi 14 August Offer 2022

Forget about recharging your SIM card and hurry up to grab some green color for the important holiday of independence. The free offer that is being provided by Ufone to all of its prepaid users on August 14 is the primary reason to avoid charging your phone on that day. Ufone Azaadi 14 August Offer 2022.

With the “Ufone 14 August Offer,” you may get free on-network minutes, as well as internet and SMS. Because of the approaching Fourth of July holiday, the executives of the telecommunications network have decided to make this offer available to their customers. As you are aware, the month of August marks the beginning of special sales across all networks and brands. As a result, the provision of this free incentive offer is another consequence of this significant day.

Stay tuned if you are a prepaid user who recently obtained a Ufone SIM and would like to receive free internet megabytes, text messages, and calling minutes. Because we are going to share with you a secret code that, if entered into your Ufone SIM account, will cause it to be flooded with free bonuses. As a result, you will be able to access the free services offered by Ufone even if you have no balance.

Ufone 14 August Offer

There are a lot of freebies available, but we have described the ones that are one hundred percent real and actually work so that you can have a good day. These offers include various packages, and we have provided detailed information about each free offer in its own section. This is done to ensure that you do not confuse one offer with another, thereby preventing you from realizing the full potential of the Ufone Independence Day Offers.

Follow these procedures to activate the “Ufone 14 August Offer,” which are as follows:

  • Simply enter *987# on your Ufone SIM.
    You will get 2 GB of free storage space on WhatsApp Each of these is monthly (30 days) free megabytes
    2,000 megabytes of WhatsApp are compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
    On Ufone, the accessible version of WhatsApp is only available to prepaid customers.

As a result, our first free offer of the day on August 14 is two gigabytes of storage space on WhatsApp for one month. Users who have no remaining balance can still make voice and video calls, send and receive images and videos, upload content, or check their status if they use these megabytes.

Independence Day Specials from Ufone (14 August)

“Ufone” is celebrating the advent of Independence Day by offering a limited-time promotion with a significant price cut. You only need to purchase any “Super Card,” and on the subscription of any card, you will get an extra one gigabyte (GB) of free internet access. As a result, this constitutes another source of complementary data for the month of August.

Offer Name: Independence Day
Free Data: 1000 MBs
Source: Buy a Card
Valid: August only
Helpline: 333

Free Data Codes

There are a few different codes that have gained widespread popularity in Pakistan in order to provide free internet access on Ufone prepaid SIM cards. In order to provide you with comprehensive information in one location, we have also compiled those internet codes on this page. You can get free internet by dialing any of the following codes, which are listed below:

Data Code: Free Internet:
*987# 3GB
*987# 3GB
*803# 3GB
*5000# 3GB
*5015# 3GB

Free UPaisa MBs

There is still another free method that, if used correctly, may offer you a legal allowance of one gigabyte. You need to have the “UPaisa App” downloaded and set up on your device. Now, sign up for a brand new account on this official network app, and as a thank-you gift, you will get 1 GB of free internet access every two weeks for the next two weeks.

Check Internet

The issue that emerges now is how exactly we may examine the amount of MBs that are still available to us after making use of these free offerings. Simply download and install the “Ufone App” to get data facts directly from the app’s home screen or call *706# to obtain information on data MBs. In addition, we have detailed the process to “unlock Ufone SIM PUK Code” at no additional cost.

Expert Views

We strongly advise all of our valued site visitors to experiment with all of the aforementioned codes and strategies. You won’t have any problem obtaining an unrestricted amount of free MBs. In the event that you have any kind of difficulty, please leave a remark below so that we can keep in contact with you.

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