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Ufone 40GB Internet Package in Rs 299

Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer gives customers 40 GB of data together with unlimited PTCL and Ufone minutes for a period of one week when they purchase the Ufone 40GB Internet Package for Rs 299. To activate this weekly data and voice bucket, dial *7777# on your phone. The information on this bucket may be found here. Ufone 40GB Internet Package in Rs 299.

Ufone 40GB Internet Package

Do you want to enjoy monthly unlimited internet as well as unlimited minutes with your Ufone prepaid SIM card? If such is the case, then please accept this brand new shipment from us. This bundle had an initial price of Rs 299, but in order to use all of its features, you would need a load of Rs 300.

It will provide you with limitless internet access so that you may make use of Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, Google, and other applications in addition to standard data. The Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer has a data cap of 40GB in this particular instance.

Ufone 40GB Internet Package in Rs 299

In addition, according to the advertising that was released by the official Ufone webpage, this bundle includes an unlimited number of minutes for both PTCL and Ufone. This is the restriction of 5000 minutes that applies to calls that are purchased in advance.

It is a weekly bundle that starts on the day when the subscription is activated and continues for exactly seven days. After seven days, at twelve midnight, this package will become unsubscribed (expire).


  • Offer Name:       Ufone Sab Se Bari
  • Internet:             Unlimited (40GB Limit)
  • Minutes:             Unlimited (5000 Limit)
  • Validity:               7 Days
  • Price:                   Rs 299
  • Code:                  *7777#

40GB Offer Activation Method

Simply activate the Ufone Sab Se Bari promotion by dialing the code *7777# on the dial pad of your mobile device. If, on the other hand, you want to activate this package online, you may do so for a one-time cost of 299 Indian rupees by entering your phone number into the space provided and activating the service online.

Free Calls and 40,000 MB of Data

This deal is one of a kind since it includes free calls to any Ufone or PTCL number as well as 40,000 megabytes of data. Because of this, people continue to look for the package every single day. To put it simply, there is no other daily, weekly, or even monthly plan that offers such significant (huge) bonuses at such an affordable price.


As a result, this bucket is one of a kind and the only one of its kind in terms of the incentives it offers and the price it charges. Because of this, we strongly suggest to all of our cherished site visitors that they switch to our 40GB weekly bucket instead of your previous Ufone weekly internet and phone subscriptions.

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