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Ufone 2 Hour Internet Package 2022

The list of offerings that Ufone 2 Hour Internet provides includes five different packages to choose from. Yes! You may now get limitless MBs for your 3G/4G Ufone SIM with the use of new hourly buckets. Ufone 2 Hour Internet Package 2022.

Because of the rise in popularity of these keyword searches conducted online, Ufone has introduced a total of five distinct buckets, which has made it possible to utilize a Ufone SIM card for internet access for a period of two hours.

Ufone 2-Hour Internet Package 2022

All of these five buckets allow internet access for a period of two hours, but the time of each of these various deals is the primary distinction between them. Yes! You are able to subscribe to these buckets in accordance with the working hours that they are open. There are set times and hours for each of these buckets, and those times and times along with their prices and codes are listed.

Ufone 2-Hour Internet Package

I’ll drop a hint about these Ufone 4G data packages that give you two hours of service. All of these plans, at their core, only provide internet access for a period of two hours. However, the subscription process for each offer can only be completed during the offer’s valid hours.

The following is a list of the names of the five buckets that offer the cheapest rate for using the internet on Ufone for a period of two hours:

Best Morning

  • Off-Peak Plus
  • Mega Internet
  • Light Internet
  • 2 Hour WhatsApp

Best Morning Bucket

  • Offer Name: Best Morning
  • Data:            2GB
  • Timing:       9 AM to 12 PM
  • Price:           Rs 6
  • SUB-Code:   *4200#

Off-Peak Plus Offer

  • Offer Name:     Off-Peak Plus
  • Data:                 1.5GB
  • Timing:             6 AM to 6 PM
  • Price:                Rs 12
  • SUB-Code:      *10#

Mega Internet

Prepaid customers of Ufone get access to a mega bucket that has a capacity of two gigabytes, or 2 GB. This promotion is available for Ufone customers and may be redeemed only between the hours of twelve in the morning and twelve in the afternoon. The *550# code is what you need to enter in order to subscribe to the Mega Internet 2-Hour bucket. This bundle may be purchased for the official price of 17 rupees.

Ufone’s Two Hours of Internet Access for Social Applications

Two different packages are available, each of which can only access social media applications. Yes! Additionally, the Ufone offers two different packages, each of which provides social media users with MBs for the subsequent two hours. The following information pertains to these buckets:

Light internet access

This is the very first social media package that Ufone has to offer, and it is good for two hours. Simply dial *2256# to receive one gigabyte (GB) of additional storage space for Facebook, Twitter, Line, and YouTube. In addition to that, using this bucket will grant you access to an additional 40 MB for internet browsing.

2 Hour WhatsApp

  • Offer Name:2 Hour WhatsApp
  • Data:100 MBs
  • Price: Rs 1.20
  • Req Balance:Rs 2
  • SUB-Code:*987#

Check The Remaining Data

By utilizing the My Ufone App, you will be able to verify or query about the amount of data that is still available in your 2-hour net subscription. For the convenience of prepaid customers, the dashboard of this app lists all available incentives together with the time period during which they are active.

The Terms and Conditions of Use
These are deals that must be prepaid.
Add-On is an option available in the offerings.
These packages are good for a total of two hours and are subject to all applicable taxes.

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