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Ufone 2-Hour Call Package Code Best Call Offer

Use Ufone to get 120 Ufone + PTCL minutes for two hours. Calls lasting two hours cost 6.5 rupees when you dial the *343# number. It is a reasonably priced hourly prepaid call package. Ufone 2-Hour Call Package Code Best Call Offer.

A 2-hour call bundle is necessary. For brief calls, people don’t want to pay much. Because of this, the network authorities introduced the Ufone 2-Hour Call Package while taking consumer needs into consideration.

We frequently have to place brief calls that may last for two or five minutes. Additionally, we are unable to sign up for daily or weekly packages for such brief conversations. Due to the high balances that these packages charge and the quick call-out time, all other incentives are immediately wasted because we don’t use them. Because of this, we offer a 2-hour call package, also known as the Best Call Offer, that will unquestionably brighten your day and help you escape such a dire circumstance.

Ufone 2 Hour Call Package Code

To activate the Ufone 2 Hour Call Package, enter the official subscription code *343#. As a result, you don’t need to load a sizable sum to join any daily, weekly, or monthly package merely to make brief calls. For two hours, you can place unlimited brief calls when you activate the Best Call Offer (120 Minutes).

You require 10 rupees to load and 6.5 rupees to activate the bucket for this reason. Below are all of the rewards, terms, and subscription information.

2 Hours (120 Minutes) Details

To activate the Ufone 2 Hour Call Package, formerly known as Ufone Best Call Offer, dial *343#. The Ufone 3 Pe 3 Offer is another name for this promotion. Details are provided here:

Offer Name Best Call
Minutes 120
Type Ufone & PTCL
Validity 2 Hours
Price Rs 6.5
SUB-Code *343#

Note: Each call will incur setup fees of Rs 0.13.

Ufone & PTCL

You can make quick calls from your Ufone SIM to other Ufone numbers and to PTCL numbers using the Ufone Best Call deal that is mentioned above. The validity of this call package is two hours. Therefore, it depends on “how many short calls” you make in this constrained amount of time.

Offer Price & Required Load

This article makes it clear that the “Ufone 2 Hour Call Package” costs Rs 6.5 with all taxes. However, before attempting to activate this deal, the customer must have Rs 10 (balance).

One Package 

You’ll be startled to learn that the following package only contains one bucket, but because of its usefulness, efficiency, and cost, customers are familiar with it by three well-known names:

  • 1st Name: Best Call Offer
  • 2nd Name: Ufone 3 pe 3 Offer
  • 3rd Name: Ufone 2 Hour Call Package

Note: Although names vary, the package is the same and contains only one (1). Furthermore, the membership code, pricing, and incentives for this bucket are all mentioned above.

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Terms & Conditions
  • It is a hourly package
  • Validity is 2 hour after subscription
  • Official price of subscription is Rs 6.5
  • Call setup charge Rs 0.13 per call apply
  • Get additional info about package from Ufone

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