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The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Tailoring

Domestic tailoring is home sewing which is done at a low cost and home sewing machine uses hand sewing machines. While commercial tailoring is done on a large scale. It uses industrial machines, not ordinary household sewing. A provision in it Hundreds and thousands. Domestic and Commercial Tailoring

Camouflaging Figure Faults

In this world, the Lord of education created man under a specific structure but created every human being different from other human beings. There is no human being in this world who is 100% similar to any other human being. Therefore, every human being is different from other human beings. Man is different from other human beings in stature, weight, color, and shape. Every region has its own identity. People worldwide are taller and taller than people in the East. For example, the people of Pakistan’s NWFP are larger and wider than the eastern parts of Sindh.

In the same way, I get height in inheritance. Therefore, the first guardian of the parents and the children of the younger parents are younger. There are different types of beauty in the world. Whites have their standards of beauty, and blacks have their standards of beauty. In an environment where height prefers, infants are beaten especially in a cloth. So that the two are perfectly straight and their limbs have grown towards Al-Muba’i. In the same way, in some areas, the shape of the head is preferred, so the head of infants has covered with a handkerchief in such a way that the appearance of their forehead is wide. So in the world, you and people of all sizes love us but not based on physical characteristics we can divide into three groups (Somatotype). Domestic and Commercial Tailoring

  • Endomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Ectomorph


In this type of person, the appearance of the abdomen is round.


of body fat is not visible all over their body. The quantity is more prominent. They are human beings with wide bones. Their muscles are prominent and they call Athlete’s Body. Their bodies But JP would not have taken them off.


It is important to note that the muscles of his body did not become visible. It has happened, people do not have it.

Therefore, after counting these types of human bodies, the stage of preparation of Nahas for them comes. At this stage, I said that it is necessary to develop a quotient that has found the features of the human name from now on and since then. By jumping all over them

For the work that its principles and rich your elements do after us. Raila’s color palette is weighed against Iran and Shop. Lena or he has asked to keep his limbs while preparing the linen or he can create a perfect outfit by following their principles as can use to things from the team. Is. In the same way, Mahmoodi has improved the personality of the drinker by using parallel stitches according to the advice. I prefer straight, vertical line designs for shorter ladies and gentlemen that fit their shorter stature.

No, they give the impression of Sahani. In the same way, instead of the clothes of the friendly dargahs, the one-color mottled suit brings the image of height. Domestic and Commercial Tailoring

Principles should also be kept in mind when using Fashion Accerie. A girl of short stature would have drunk Amrit even on the cover of a girl. A shoulder bag lying like this will not reveal the personality that he is carrying. In this way, if the owner of the hair joins and the purse is not filled, the look goes upwards.

Colors are very important. The veins have an appendage feature. This is the trace and the jinn and the blue color

Or do they want to use these idols where there is a need for immediate attention? Will be prominent. If such a beautiful star accompanies such a thing, it will go to the sun.

He intends to have it and get it. They don’t go deep and do the job. I am using this principle till people leave and if people use me then their personality will refine. Yen makes blacks and quickly does three m. And its rainbow is its own and its characteristics of the car and running kirk and line. Iran moves. If anyone has one

It is in the boil and could highlight the Grand Hover and get two.

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