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Telenor Whatsapp Facebook Monthly Package 2022

In the year 2022, the name “Telenor Whatsapp Facebook Package” refers to not one but two distinct packages of services. The source code and associated information for both of these buckets are provided below. Telenor Whatsapp Facebook Monthly Package 2022.

We have mentioned the “Telenor Monthly Social Pack” and the “Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus” here since both of these buckets are known as the “Telenor Whatsapp Facebook Package,” and the validity for both of these offerings is on a monthly basis.

Because Telenor offers prepaid customers affordable social media internet bundles, accessing the internet for social media applications like Facebook and Whatsapp is always simple and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future.

Package for Telenor’s WhatsApp and Facebook

Today, we are going to go over two distinct deals that are included in the package that is known as the Telenor Whatsapp Facebook Package 2022. Get a total of 2500 MBs via the first bucket, and 7000 MBs with the second offer accordingly.

The prices of the two separate packages are different from one another due to the varying amounts of data that each provides. Yes! The first deal was priced at 52 rupees, while the second bundle was priced at 78 rupees.

2.5 GB Monthly Offer

The first offer included in the Telenor Whatsapp Facebook Package is the Telenor Monthly Social Pack. This pack costs 52 rupees and gives 2.5 gigabytes (2,500 megabytes) each for Facebook and WhatsApp. In addition to that, the deal provides users with the chance to access Twitter by using the allotted MBs. Simply dial *911# to begin using this month’s free Telenor Whatsapp Facebook Package.

Offer Name: Social Pack
Social MBs: 2500
Plain MBs: 100
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 52
SUB-Code: *911#

7GB Social Plus

Offer Name: Social Plus
Social MBs: 7000
SMS: 10000
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 78
SUB-Code: *660#

Moreover, the Monthly Social Pack Plus offer gives free 10,000 SMS to chat with friends having different network SIM cards.

Enjoy Social Apps Monthly

You may take use of Facebook and WhatsApp at a reduced cost for a period of one month by subscribing to one of the two distinct packages offered by Telenor, which are described above. Yes! Enjoy low-cost socializing thanks to Telenor’s newly introduced social buckets. In this section, the user is able to continuously swipe, check the status, view reels, comment, like, and share photographs and videos.

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