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Telenor Weekly Internet Max Offer

There is no difference between the Telenor Weekly Internet Max Offer and the Telenor 4G Late Night Offer; both deliver 30 GB of data for a week for Rs 55. Dial *19# to activate the late-night weekly 4G internet promotion, which is good from 12 AM to 9 AM. Telenor Weekly Internet Max Offer.

When using a Telenor 4G SIM card, it is now able to acquire internet megabytes for use during the night. Said, consumers have a high need for the most internet (data) capacity possible late at night. Because of this, we are now offering the finest late-night deal on weekly 4G service for just 55 rupees.

Telenor Weekly Internet Max Offer

Because of the low prices of the packages, using the internet on a Telenor SIM card is now relatively simple. You read it right: for only PKR 55, you can have 30 GB of the fastest 4G bandwidth available.

The Weekly Internet Max Offer from Telenor

Telenor has introduced a new 4G Weekly Max package, popularly known as the Telenor 4G Late Night Offer. This offer is good for seven days and allows Telenor’s users to access the internet from twelve midnight until nine in the morning each day for the duration of the offer. Isn’t it the most beneficial data package for those who wish to utilize data from the wee hours of the morning till midnight?

The following is a comprehensive rundown of the features included in the Telenor Night Internet Package:

  • Offer Name: Weekly Max
  • Data:30 GB
  • Price: PKR 55
  • Validity:7 Days
  • Timing:12 AM to 9 AM
  • SUB-Code:*19#
  • Status:*999#

Telenor 4G Late Night Offer

This deal is exclusively intended for members who are interested in purchasing a discounted midnight data package. Although this information is only valid during certain hours of the day, its speed and quantity are ideal for downloading huge files, such as movies and games.

UNSUB 30GB Package

If the customer wishes to unsubscribe from this package, they should phone the hotline number provided to do so. On the official website, there was no indication of any official code that could be used to opt out of receiving the offer. However, after 7 days of the time subscription, this offer will be removed from the subscription list.

Socializing & Video Streaming

Take part in as many conversations as you want on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Keep in touch with the rest of the online community by participating in activities on video-sharing websites like YouTube. This package gives you access to the globe for a whole week, but only within a certain window of time.

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