Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code 2022 – Unsub Caller Tune

In this post, we provide a response to an issue that is often asked about the “Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe” code. Dial *230*001# Smart Tune deactivation code. Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code 2022 – Unsub Caller Tune.

You have arrived at the ideal location if you are seeking to deactivate the code for Telenor Smart Tune or get the trick associated with it. We are going to provide a solution to this very important topic today. It is an answer that is commonly sought for or inquired for on Google. For this reason, we have included the comprehensive approach along with illustrations as a guide for you.

Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code 2022 – Unsub Caller Tune

In its most basic form, Telenor Smart Tune is a voice-over technology that can be activated on any Telenor line. The caller will hear your music, naat, Noha, poetry, rhymes, or anything else you put on your number whenever any user calls on your number. As a result, this strategy is the most effective way to reveal the nature of your personality or attitude. Show your religious or amorous side, or demonstrate your cultural awareness with clever music. Regardless of the number of times, this offer results in uncertainty for the subscribers. You may opt-out of the service if you want the uncertainty problem to go away.

Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe

  1. Dial *230*001# to unsubscribe from Telenor Smart Tune.
  2. Un-subscription notification will confirm offer deactivation.
  3. The un-subscription charges are PKR 0.05

Telenor Smart Tune Deactivation

A further description of Telenor Smart Tune is given in the table below:

  • Telenor Smart Tune:*230*000#
  • UNSUB Telenor Smart Tune:*230*001#
  • SUB Charges: PKR 2
  • UNSUB Charges: PKR 0.05

If you’re looking to receive the Telenor Smart Tune trick or deactivate the code for it, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to address this crucial issue by offering a solution. It is a solution that is frequently looked up or enquired about on Google. For this reason, we have provided a thorough strategy and examples for you to use as a guide.

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