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Telenor PUBG Package Monthly Code 2022

Simply dial *345*57# to activate the Telenor PUBG Package Monthly, and you’ll get 2 GB of PUBG space along with 100 MBs for the low price of 60 rupees. This 30-day non-stop PUBG deal is available to all 4G subscribers and may be used by any of them. Telenor PUBG Package Monthly Code 2022.

Are you a fan of the game PUBG, often known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? If Yes! Then, all Pakistani brothers are set to play the PUBG game for a whole month using a single internet bundle that is both economical and low-cost.

The PUBG game comes with 2 gigabytes (2000 megabytes) of storage space included in this plan, while other programs and web surfing each get 100 megabytes. As a result, it is a comprehensive 4G internet bundle that is offered at a predetermined cost.

PUBG Service Plan for Telenor, Monthly

This promotion is known by its official name, which is the Telenor PUBG Mobile Monthly Offer (Play MORE se Zyada with Telenor), and it can still be found on the official website by entering the activation number *345*57#.

Apna4G, on the other hand, has placed all of the information about the subscription code, check code, validity, game data, and plain data on a single page. Read the following page to learn the specifics of the Monthly PUBG bucket, which are broken out inch by inch.

30 Days of PUBG Information

The following is an outline of the essential information pertaining to this monthly Telenor PUBG Package, together with all pertinent codes and information:

Offer Name: PUBG Monthly
Data: 2GB
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 60
SUB-Code: *345*57#

2000 MBs For PUBG Mobile

The following deal does, in fact, only supply 2 GB of data to its customers. Having said that, it is also true that the cost of this 2 GB of data is really reasonable. Because of this, the package is ideal for players who spend a few minutes away from their WiFi connection but yet want to continue playing their PUBG game uninterrupted.

60 Rupees Net Package

There is just one network in Pakistan that offers 2 GB of data for Rs 60, and that network is Telenor Pakistan. No other network in Pakistan offers such an affordable internet bundle. In addition to that, the validity of this budget-friendly bundle is good for the absolute maximum amount of time, which makes it even more ideal.

1 Additional Tip to Add on

By calling the *503# number, you will be able to increase the number of fixed MBs that are included in this package. Yes! Utilizing this code will result in an additional 300 MBs being added to this package, all of which will be used up until the monthly bundle has run its course. This ADD-ON may be purchased for 5 Indian Rupees.

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