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Telenor Monthly Super Plus Package 30GB

When you activate the Telenor Monthly Super Plus Package or the Telenor 30GB Monthly plan using the *979# Code, you will get 30 GB of the Internet, 500 On-Net, and 100 Off-Net for Rs 600. This bucket is a 30-day all-in-one bundle offered by Telenor, and its details may be seen below. Telenor Monthly Super Plus Package 30GB.Since the beginning of the New Year 2022, Telenor 4G has shifted its attention to the hybrid packages that it offers. Because of this, Telenor has introduced brand new hybrid daily, weekly, and monthly packages that are available at very reasonable costs. This bundle is another example of one of those reasonably priced hybrid buckets.

Now that we live in an age of technology, the practice of having silent conversations (SMS) has become obsolete. Because of this, opting for the monthly hybrid plan does not result in receiving SMS (text messages) as part of the available incentives. As a result, we are able to conclude that Monthly Super Plus is a hybrid bundle that does not include SMS.

The Monthly Super Plus Package from Telenor

Let’s take a look at each of the enticements in turn, shall we? To begin, the primary benefit of the Monthly Super Plus plan is access to 30,000 MB of data. Therefore, in order to access the internet whenever and wherever you choose, use your 30 GB of data on 3G and 4G devices.

This deal also includes minutes from Telenor and other networks in its second component. Users will get 500 minutes to spend on calls to numbers associated with Telenor. On the other side, the 100 minutes may be used to call numbers from Telenor to Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Warid.

MBs, Minutes, and Prices, Along with Codes

All of the particulars, including the benefits and other information, are presented here in an accurate manner. Take a quick glance at the table below to obtain an understanding of the 30-day bucket system.

Offer Name: Monthly Super Plus
Data: 30GB
Telenor Minutes: 500
Other Minutes: 100
15GB Timing: 1 AM to 11 AM
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 600
SUB-Code: *979#
Check Code: *123#

Internet Usage Timing

This monthly subscription includes 30 GB of data in total, however, the network has split this data into two portions for easier management. Yes! Every time you use it, up until the time it expires, you get access to 15 GB. On the other hand, the remaining 15GB is operational daily from one midnight to eleven in the morning. Therefore, 15GB plus 15GB equals 30GB, which is the entire amount of data that is included with the Monthly Super Plus Telenor.

Support for 3G and 4G Data

It is possible to use 3G and 4G (LTE) enabled SIM cards and mobile devices with the allotted 30GB (30,000 MBs). Hene takes pleasure in the high-speed internet that they pay for on a regular basis.

Price as well as the Required Load

The user is required to have put 605 rupees into the SIM in order to satisfy tax obligations, even though the initial pricing of this deal is 600 rupees. In order for the Monthly Super Plus service to be effectively enabled on your phone once the appropriate taxes have been deducted.

Check Codes That Are Left Over

These are the many codes that customers of Telenor may use to ask about the various incentives that are available:

  • Check Super Plus Minutes: *222#
    Check Super Plus Internet MBs: *999#

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