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Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB Ultra Plus

You will be able to activate the Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB for the low price of just 700 rupees if you have the most recent version of 4G Ultra Plus.Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB Ultra Plus.
The code for the package is listed down below. Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB Ultra Plus.

A user will have access to 50 GB for the whole month, which consists of 30 days. Because of this, it is the most advantageous 4G internet plan for all Telenor data customers. Because this is a monthly day-and-night internet plan, the network has arranged for a certain time to use the internet for the first time, as well as a specific time to use the internet for the second time. Depending on which time you use the internet, you may be charged differently. Below, for your convenience, we have included a description that is comprehensive.

Package Deals for Telenor’s Monthly Internet Service

When you activate the Telenor Monthly Online Package, you will get 50 GB of internet storage for a period of one month, and these MBs will be compatible with all 4G devices. 25 gigabytes (GB) of the total 50 GB of half-speed 4G internet will function for the whole of one day, while the remaining 25 GB will be used from 1 AM to 11 AM each day for the duration of one month.

Ultra Plus for Telenor 4G Service Each Month

People refer to this bundle as a 50GB monthly data package despite the fact that its actual name is “Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Plus.” This is because of the fact that it comes with 50 GB of data per month.

We have outlined it for you above, and the following chart provides the rest of the information:

Offer Name: Telenor Monthly
Ultra Plus
Data: 50 GB
25GB: Day-Time
25GB: 1 AM to 11 AM
Validity: 30 Days
Price: PKR 700
Required Balance: PKR 720
SUB-Code: *303#

Monthly Day & Night

This is a day and night internet plan that is paid for monthly. As was just said, the entire amount of data is 50GB; hence, a subscriber will have access to 25GB during the daytime and another 25GB during overnight. If you have already used up all of your MBs during the daytime, the remaining 25GB will only be used during the nighttime. Since of this, we strongly advise all of our valued visitors to maintain a reasonable level of data use because the subscriber account will not get any further megabytes in the future.

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