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Telenor Helpline Number Get information

You will be able to see the Telenor Numainda Call Number in the next paragraphs of this text. In addition, the article includes the prepaid and postpaid Telenor hotline numbers. Telenor Helpline Number Get information.

In most cases, Telenor customers look for the company’s prepaid, postpaid, WhatsApp, or one of the other UAN support numbers. Because of this, we have compiled all of those hotline numbers into one website in order to assist you in any manner that is feasible.

You are required to phone the assistance centre number in the event that you are experiencing any kind of network trouble, signal problem, package additional costs deduction, or any other kind of problem. In a scenario like this, the most important question that has to be answered is “what is the hotline number for Telenor? I’ll walk you through the process of calling the Telenor prepaid, postpaid, WhatsApp, or UAN helpline number in this article.

Call Number for Telenor’s Numainda Service

For all intents and purposes, the Telenor Numainda Call Number is 345. You may call this number in order to acquire any kind of general help or to get in touch with conducted.

In addition, if you want any kind of assistance or information, you may get in touch with Telenor UAN 111 345 100.


Telenor’s rates, which include all fees, start at PKR 2.3 per call. Therefore, to call the helpline number will cost you less than 3 rupees, and you may ask the agents to handle the specific issue for you. Isn’t it the greatest service that’s there to assist you out at any time, day or night?

Helpline for Telenor’s Official Email Service

In addition, you may seek assistance in any predicament by sending an email to the official address. To receive assistance, all you need to do is send an email to

Email Helpline

There is a Telenor official chat centre that operates around the clock and provides an online chat helpline service. You may reach the hotline for the Telenor chat centre by clicking on this link.

You are required to enter some basic information, and then you will be connected with a representative immediately.

Telenor Number
Name of User Email Address Currently Purchased Bundle
Get the conversation started with your support line Conclusion

Additionally, any user may get assistance by going to the Telenor company website on the internet. Simply go over to the official Telenor website and look at the page dedicated to the assistance centre. We have now provided you with a total of four tips to assist you in the event that you have any kind of problem with Telenor.

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